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Thank you SAAS volunteers!

View Photo of SAAS Parent and Student Volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week and we want to take a moment to extend our gratitude to our amazing volunteers. Thanks to our dedicated parent and alumni volunteers who support and advocate for Seattle Academy and our community.  Our active volunteers engage with SAAS through:

  • visionary and strategic leadership and guidance on our Board of Trustees and six standing board committees, including our Alumni Board;
  • imparting wisdom and guidance as classroom guest speakers and mentors;
  • enthusiastic support on our Parent Association, which includes our Parent Education Committee and education events, SAAS logo wear and more;
  • participation in our Admissions activities that bring in future SAAS families that include volunteering for our Fall Open House events and all our 35+ Admission Visit Days;
  • welcoming and building relationships with other parents through hosting grade-level potlucks;
  • championing our Athletic teams at games and tournaments throughout the school year; 
  • outreach and support throughout our Annual Fund development efforts;
  • leadership, creativity, and coordination for SAAS in the City, our annual community celebration and fundraiser;
  • gestures of kindness and appreciation of faculty and staff with Friday treats and our annual Holiday Gift Bags;
  • promotion and support of our Arts performances, musicals, and festivals; and
  • partnering together for a collective impact during a recent Community Service Weekend.

To all our SAAS volunteers who give your time, talents and resources, we value and appreciate all you do to keep our Seattle Academy community engaged and vibrant!


SAAS Parents Helping with Open House

Photo of Seattle Academy Parent Volunteers at the 2019 SAAS in the City Event