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To many, college admission may already seem a mystery. To families who love and worry about their children, the added layers of decreasing admit rates or changes to standardized testing might make college admission seem more obscure. 

And yet if you have worked in the admission world for a long time, as have the six members of Seattle Academy’s College Advising team, you know college admission is far less mysterious and far more predictable than the media and even college admission offices want you to think.

As hard as it is to believe, there are still a ton of “knowns,” and your partners in Seattle Academy College Advising know them. 

If you populate a College Advising office with curious people who see college behaviors and admission outcomes unemotionally, who have fostered relationships with college-based colleagues who provide critical information, who track and apply observable patterns, and who coach students as individuals, students and families benefit from their experience, good judgment, and care. None of this guarantees admission, but it does mean that no one associated with College Advising at Seattle Academy is unprepared or behind. 

At Seattle Academy, applying to college is one natural culmination of the school’s mission. SAAS’ Culture of Performance asks students to take action in important moments supported by experts. Seattle Academy College Advising hires people who bring equal parts information, enthusiasm, and organization to the work of college advising. Each team member develops and executes a framework which is evidence-based, thoughtful, and full of heart. We see college advising as a partnership between college advisor, student, and family where the best interest of the student is always paramount. 

As a result, typically one hundred percent of Seattle Academy’s applicants gain admission to college. Not only do these colleges include the nation and the world’s most selective, these varied, “best match” colleges reflect the diverse talents and interests of our students. 

Please explore our College Advising grade level pages at the right for a more complete picture of our office and its successful approaches.