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For 10th Grade

On behalf of Seattle Academy College Advising, hello 10th graders and families!

In 10th grade, students continue to invest in Seattle Academy classes and involvements, developing as people and fostering new and old curiosities and interests. 10th graders also have the option of taking unofficial virtual practice SAT or ACT exams. Details about these events are found in the testing question of our FAQ, linked below. At this time, additional college questions sometimes arise.

Note that in Fall 2023, all interested upper school families are invited to the 11th grade family/student meeting in October (see calendar widget below). While the focus of this meeting is on 11th graders and their families, curious 9th and 10th grade families may find its information helpful. College Advising also joins a helpful panel at a Spring 10th grade parent and guardian meeting which answers questions about next steps. 

For now, families sometimes have questions about the following and more which are covered in our FAQ:

This Pre-College Advising Suggestions document has additional ideas gained from our many years’ experience working with upper school students.

Beyond these resources, know that we will answer questions in time but also don’t hesitate to email College Advising if you don’t find the answers to questions you have in the FAQ. While it is practically, emotionally and strategically wise for students to continue to focus during 10th grade on one’s broader Seattle Academy life, our office will ensure you get your questions answered. 

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