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For 11th Grade

On behalf of Seattle Academy College Advising, hello 11th graders and families!

In 11th grade, students usually experience an uptick in academic intensity while they continue to deepen involvements. The fall of the 11th grade year is an important time for students to adjust to teachers’ expectations and to more sophisticated coursework. 

In the fall, College Advising hosts an event for 11th grade parents and guardians who wish to hear more information about the college admission process. Details about this event will be available on the Seattle Academy calendar. 

11th graders also have the option of taking virtual practice SAT or ACT exams at home or an on-campus official PSAT. Details about these events and about testing in general are found below. 

Note: With teacher permission, 11th graders are welcome to attend fall visits by college representatives which College Advising advertises each week in an email directly to 11th graders. The weekly email is always archived at the button on the bottom of this page (requires Seattle Academy sign-in).

Once the majority of intense work with applying 12th graders is complete, College Advising turns its attention formally to the 11th grade, meeting 1:1 first with 11th graders and then, if requested, with their families. 

During 11th grade, families sometimes have questions about the following which are covered in our FAQ:

This Pre-College Advising Suggestions document has additional ideas gained from our many years’ experience working with upper school students.

College Advising at Seattle Academy is highly individualized and highly structured. Starting officially in 11th grade, students and families partner with assigned, dedicated college advisors who guide them through the reflection and work essential to the application process. Complements to this personal advising are web-based programs Schoology, with which students are already familiar (college advisees are enrolled in a Schoology course) and another program called Maia Learning to which Seattle Academy 11th grade and 12th grade families have access once they start their process officially with College Advising. In December of 11th grade, students and their parents or guardians will receive access information for Maia. 

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