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For 12th Grade

On behalf of Seattle Academy College Advising, hello 12th graders and families!

In 12th grade, students continue working in earnest with their dedicated College Advisor. This builds on deliberate 1:1 meetings beginning in the 11th grade which prepare students for homework (proposed college list, completed Common Application, essay draft) expected from each 12th grader when they return after summer for the start of their 12th grade year. 

College Advisors answer questions, give advice, provide a strategic framework to maximize college choices, review material and generally support the process of the student submitting high quality applications of which students are proud. 

At this time, families sometimes have questions about the following which are covered in our FAQ:

College Advising at Seattle Academy is highly individualized and highly structured. Students and families partner with assigned, dedicated college advisors who guide them through the reflection and work essential to the application process. A complement to this personal advising is a web-based program called Maia Learning to which Seattle Academy 11th grade and 12th grade families have access once they start their process officially with College Advising. 

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