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Fall high school visit update

Our first exciting news has nothing to do with COVID-19:  This fall, the Seattle Academy College Advising Office will be in a new location on campus!

Reps who choose to visit (please see below) should now check in at 1001 Boylston AVE Seattle, WA 98104. Parking is on the street but when mapping the new space you will also see it is a seven minute walk (0.3 miles) from Northwest School. Our new office is also one block away from the Whole Foods on Broadway for provisions while you’re on the go. If you meet the requirements for and choose to do an on-campus visit this fall, please see Directions for Campus Visitors 2021-2022.

Regarding campus visits for fall, our hope is to allow college representatives choice in their plans within the limits of state and school guidelines.

At this time we expect to allow somewhat size-restricted campus visits (12 students or fewer) by vaccinated college representatives. Reps should please read all of the following before scheduling at the link below.

If you are vaccinated and if your institution typically has met with twelve or fewer students at Seattle Academy, at this time you could consider an in-person visit this fall. All visitors will be subject to campus check-in and mask policies current at the time of their visit. Thank you for understanding that this is subject to change at any time.

One scheduling caveat: Our team plans to attend the NACAC conference in Seattle so limited visits will be available during this time. If all visit spots are booked on Thursday and Friday, September 23-24, you are still welcome to stop by 1001 Boylston AVE Seattle, WA 98104 to drop off materials and to pick up our list of restaurant suggestions for Capitol Hill.

At this time, all unvaccinated admission professionals or those representing schools that typically have larger (12+ students) Seattle Academy visits should plan for remote visits. If you feel your school falls into this category and you want to talk through your options, please choose an after-school virtual visit slot on Maia Learning or feel free to email for a consult. This guidance may change at which point we will post updates here.

All visits, in-person or remote, will begin on Monday, September 13 and end on Friday, December 10.

By August 1, we expect to post instructions for setting up visits on this page. Reps will register for either in-person or remote visits via MaiaLearning at the latest beginning August 1. 

If you represent a term away, study abroad, gap year, or other enrichment program, please know we will not be hosting any visitors for the 2020-2021 school year. If you are interested in having your program’s promotional materials displayed on campus, please do not use Maia Learning and instead email Dean of Students Margie Young.