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For Our Partners in College Admission

Regarding college high school visits for Fall 2020:  

Due to COVID19, this fall Seattle Academy will host 100% virtual college rep visits by non-profit colleges and non-profit technical schools between the start of the school year and Friday, November 13. College reps, we appreciate your hard work and flexibility during this time! When you schedule your visit using the instructions below, please be prepared to share a link students will visit to attend your meeting

Please visit Maia Learning to create a user profile and to access Seattle Academy’s school visit calendar. For any visit before or on November 13, 2020, please choose Seattle Academy from the drop-down menu. Should you have any difficulties accessing Maia, please consult this instructional video. After November 13, you are unlikely to see visit times listed as our virtual visits will have ended for the fall.

After you have scheduled your visit, you should receive a confirmation from Seattle Academy which asks you to send us the link to and instructions for your preferred visit platform (Zoom, etc.). No matter what the Maia visit confirmation may indicate, all 2020-2021 visits are virtual. If you have further questions see below and please feel free to email

Additional details:

  • Between the start of the school year and Friday, November 13, multiple virtual visit slots will be available at each of three times daily (3:30, 4:00, and 4:30 PM PT) to accommodate Seattle Academy’s unique academic scheduling requirements this fall and also not to encroach too much on college reps’ evenings or already busy schedules. We recognize these times fall during the evening for colleges outside our time zone and welcome inquiries at if none of the times work for you. 
  • These offerings provide consistency in visit scheduling while allowing students to focus as much as possible on their academics and safety during the actual school day, regardless of the particular week’s academic schedule or safety requirements. These set times should also prevent rescheduling should circumstances shift in Washington State.
  • We recognize that not all students will be able to attend during these times, as is customary with visit scheduling in any year. College reps, in response to our visit confirmation, please also share additional resources (links to virtual information sessions, inquiry form, etc.) to share with any students who wish to attend but cannot. 
  • We are also happy to advertise general Seattle area or multi-school programming which college reps should please feel free to email to
  • During the visit, please feel free to ask students to approximate an in-person high school visit as much as possible by turning on video to engage with them directly. Thank you also for understanding that there are unique circumstances where students may not feel comfortable sharing their screens. This does not mean a lack of interest, nor does the different energy sometimes discerned when meeting virtually. Our students are excited about their college prospects and are grateful for your time. 
  • A member of the College Advising team will attempt to drop by briefly near the start of your virtual visit to say hello and also to release you if no students attend. College Advisors will be staffing multiple meetings on a given afternoon, so thank you for understanding if your interaction is short. We appreciate you and your time!
  • We are so proud to have welcomed approximately 120 virtual visits to Seattle Academy during Fall 2020.
  • If you are reading this after November 13, know that our virtual visits have ended for the fall but that we are always directing students to other virtual offerings your college provides. 

If you represent a term away, study abroad, gap year, or other enrichment program, please know we will not be hosting any visitors for the 2020-2021 school year. If you are interested in having your program’s promotional materials displayed on campus, please do not use Maia Learning and instead email Dean of Students Margie Young.