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For Our Partners in College Admission

Hello, College Admission friends and colleagues! 

Seattle Academy looks forward to welcoming our college partners for in-person visits. Please schedule all appointments by visiting Maia Learning to create a user profile and to access Seattle Academy’s school visit calendar. Please choose Seattle Academy from the drop-down menu. Should you have any difficulties accessing Maia, please consult this instructional video.

After you have scheduled your visit, you should receive a confirmation from Seattle Academy. PLEASE NOTE:  due to the construction of our new high school building, our location is not on Seattle Academy’s main campus and **should be mapped** using 1001 Boylston AVE Seattle 98104 (same location as last year). DO NOT simply map Seattle Academy as apps will take you to our main campus, delaying your arrival. Parking is on the street so please give yourself plenty of time. 

We do not ask students to sign up beforehand and visits last approximately 45 minutes. 

If you need to change your visit, please do so by logging back into Maia Learning.

If your visit plans change or if you have any questions, please email which is received by all college advisors and will yield a faster response than phone.

Thank you!

Seattle Academy College Advising

If you represent a term away, study abroad, gap year, or other enrichment program, please know we do not allow in-person presentations or tabling but please send us program materials for display on campus. If you have questions, please email Jarad Gifford, Assistant Division Head of Upper School.