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We hire people who bring equal parts information, enthusiasm, and organization to the work of college advising. They develop and execute a framework which is evidence-based, thoughtful, full of heart, and proven in its outcomes. We see college advising as a partnership between college advisor, student, and family where the best interest of the kid is always paramount.


Seattle Academy College Advising forms the organizational, intellectual, and emotional home base for a student’s college search. College Advising:

  • assigns a college advisor to each student
  • customizes a plan for each student
  • gets to know each advisee
  • suggests colleges
  • outlines and debriefs college travel plans
  • practices college interviews
  • develops a plan for test prep and standardized testing
  • shares information about financial aid and scholarships
  • discusses summer opportunities and, if interested, gap year possibilities
  • arranges 150 yearly campus college representative visits
  • organizes additional opportunities such as evening events, college fairs, and a “mock admission” case study program
  • provides feedback on applications and related writing
  • establishes due dates for college tasks
  • coordinates teacher recommendation writing
  • writes each student’s official “counselor letter”
  • submits application supporting documents
  • communicates directly with admission offices
  • guides students in self-advocacy, critical to college success
  • discusses eventual admission decisions, financial aid details, and college choices
  • leads the industry by presenting and serving at regional and national levels
  • constantly refreshes its own information about colleges
  • celebrates each student’s outcome

If you have additional questions about the Seattle Academy College Advising timeline, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.