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College Advising at SAAS FAQ

What is the Seattle Academy College Advising timeline?

It may sound like a cliché but it really is true: engaging in the opportunities and in the culture of Seattle Academy is an important step in applying to college. 

We know every student and family is on a slightly different schedule, however, and we also know college is often a lens through which students and families make decisions of all kinds. For those reasons, we constructed a College Advising office and strategy which ensures 1) families receive answers to their questions and 2) students’ processes are well-organized for maximum effect (and minimum burnout). 

Time and space is essential for developing talents born, talents made, and talents discovered which is why with the exception of recruited athletes whose processes may need to begin earlier, it is both strategic and healthy to situate most college advising in the junior and senior years of high school. For the formal college advising process, each student will have an experienced College Advisor, assigned carefully. 

We know, however, families sometimes have questions earlier. You can count on our staff to reach out with information to ninth and tenth graders and their families. We participate in a panel for tenth grade parents and guardians that answers common questions about the process. We have a preliminary questionnaire students can fill out if they have interest in seeing colleges while on a family vacation, for example. 

We have also dedicated a member of our staff to ninth and tenth grade inquiries. After reading our suggestions for ninth and tenth grade families, if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Taylor Kanemori.

Seattle Academy also provides opportunities for students to take practice standardized tests in 9th (pre-ACT), 10th (PSAT), and 11th (PSAT) grades.

How does standardized testing work?

Unsurprisingly, families have many questions, and perhaps some anxiety around, testing. We work to reduce stress by giving students opportunities to practice testing, led by College Advising staff. Seattle Academy provides opportunities for students to take practice standardized tests in 9th (pre-ACT), 10th (PSAT), and 11th (PSAT) grades.

Please see our Standardized Testing Overview for additional information about testing and test prep.

Where did the Class of 2018 go to college?

100% of Seattle Academy’s 2018 applicants enjoyed admission offers, as diverse as our students and including the nation’s most selective institutions. 116 students will attend 91 different programs in 27 states and three countries outside the U.S. The most popular state is California, receiving 18% (20) of our enrollees, followed by Washington State (13%), and New York (12%). Despite media and school grapevine narratives of high application numbers, Seattle Academy students use Early Decision effectively and choose their college lists carefully, resulting in an average of 6.9 applications apiece. Nearly all students submit some sort of “early” application, many of which are non-binding but do notify early (Early Action).

Seattle Academy College Destinations

What readings and preparation would you recommend?

Our office reads - a lot - and we love to share recommendations! If you’re ready to “get started” in this process, here are two great ways to begin:

  • College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step by Christine VanDeVelde and Robin Mamlet Purchase Online
  • How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success by Julie Lythcott-Haims - Purchase Online

What is Naviance and how can I access it?

College Advising at Seattle Academy is highly individualized and highly structured. Students and families partner with assigned, dedicated college advisors who guide them through the reflection and work essential to the application process. A complement to this personal advising is a web-based program called Naviance to which Seattle Academy junior and senior families have full access. Younger families and guests can access a more limited form of Naviance at the link below and by entering the guest password “saas."

Seattle Academy Naviance Basic Guest Access