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Daily Schedule

2021-2022 Daily / Weekly Schedule
  • Each class meeting is 70 minutes with a rotating ODD/EVEN cadence.
  • Each division (MS/US) will use designated “Community Time” in ways that best reflect the unique division and grade level needs. 
    • Division-specific models will be developed and shared in closing meetings and refined throughout the summer. 
  • The 50 minute “lunch” period includes any transition time between locations. 
  • Details regarding contact tracing, safety and lunch protocols are evolving. Expect greater clarity regarding campus safety needs throughout the summer and in August opening meetings.  


8:15-9-30 Block 1 Block 2
9:30-10:15 Community Time
10:15-11:30 Block 3 Block 4
11:30-12:20 Lunch
12:20-1:35 Block 5 Block 6
1:35-1:45 Transition
1:45-3:00 Block 7 Block 8