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After School Study Hall

Upper School

The After-School Study Hall program provides a quiet, supervised study environment for Upper School students. Study Hall is open from 3:05-4:45 PM, Monday – Thursday on the second floor of Vanderbilt. The supervising teacher provides general support to create a productive working space, but they are not responsible for tracking or communicating student progress. There is no fee for this program and students are welcome to check themselves in and out as needed but we ask that they notify Learning Support if they plan on coming later so we know to expect them. If no students show up by 3:30, the Study Hall supervision may be canceled.

Questions about the Upper School program may be addressed to the Upper School Learning Support Coordinator.

Middle School

The After-School Study Hall program provides a quiet, supervised study environment. Students are expected to work quietly. Students will be allowed to use cell phones or personal technology from 3-3:30 after which point they'll need to be turned off and put away.

Computer access will be available for those students who need it and at the discretion of the proctor. There will also be art supplies available and access to classroom libraries for quiet reading selections.


•    Monday – Thursday
•    3 – 5:30 PM
•    A snack is served.
•    On certain days, such as days prior to school break or the end of exam weeks, Study Hall will not be offered.

Pick up is no later than 5:30 PM. Please be on time for pick up. Parents/guardians will need to sign students out at pick up.

There will be a link to sign up for after school study hall for the following week in every Friday email. We know that schedules tend to change a lot for families to we ask you to sign up on a weekly basis. This sign up gives us a sense of how many kids will attend so that we can plan ahead in terms of snacks and staffing. However, we can still accommodate last minute changes and take kids on an as needed basis.  If your child needs to attend on any day, they can simply show up and sign in. If they need to not attend on a day that you'd signed them up for, please email

Questions about the Middle School program may be addressed to Megan Roberts.