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Entrepreneurship/Financial Literacy

Competency in the field of entrepreneurship/ financial literacy is essential for preparing students for life beyond our school and the walls of any college or university. Seattle Academy offers two required trimester courses in Financial Literacy, one in 8th grade and one in 10th grade. Students explore real-life scenarios through projects which bolster their applicable financial knowledge and skills that they will use throughout their lives. Students will learn the power of financial planning, both for the short and long term, how to create effective budgets, how to make wise decisions about savings, spending, and credit/debt, how to calculate and understand the time value of money, and how to utilize the power of investing and compound interest. We will also show how credit cards, mortgages, and stocks fit into this picture. Each topic is framed through case study work and discussions about financial principles and ethics.  Our ultimate goal is that each student will leave SAAS as a responsible financial citizen with a strong foundation of financial competency, possessing the tools to further explore and understand their financial choices.