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Entrepreneurship & Design

Courses in Entrepreneurship and Design prepare students for college and life by giving them opportunities to use creativity and practical intelligence to solve emerging real-world problems. We aim to equip students with various problem-solving approaches that emphasize the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing professional landscape. As educators, we assert that young people are inherently curious individuals with a capacity to learn and grow. Pursuant to our mission, we implement an evolving curriculum which provides students rich and varied opportunities for growth in their ability to innovate and create by studying and emulating proven innovative practices. All Seattle Academy students take one trimester of an Entrepreneurship & Design course in 6th, 7th, and 10th grades. All Upper School students must take one addition course in this area before they graduate.

High Altitude Balloon Challenge

Students in the Class of 2018 competed in our first Innovations High Altitude Balloon Challenge and successfully launched balloons into space.  Four crews divided into distinctive teams and worked collaboratively, with little guidance from teachers, to plan the event, launch social media campaigns, and build a payload that could gather data and video during its flight.

Photo of Seattle Academy Upper School students in Innovations class whiteboarding


Curriculum is based in the design-thinking mindset.

Photo of Seattle Academy Upper School students collaborating in Innovations class


Classroom culture is collaborative, experimental, iterative, and fundamentally human-centered.

Photo of Seattle Academy student presenting in class in front of a smartboard


The goal is to provide a space for students to develop the intellectual and behavioral tools to navigate adversity and failure successfully.  

Photo of a Seattle Academy Upper School student speaking with an industry expert visitor at Seattle Academy


Interactions with industry experts and real businesses and organizations are an important component of this program.  

Entrepreneurship & Design at SAAS FAQ