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Seattle Academy believes that the study of mathematics is vital to a well-rounded and highly successful individual. The curriculum and faculty of the Math Department provide opportunities for all students to develop as problem solvers, a challenge for math lovers, and an appropriate pace for each student. Classes help students build a strong foundation of skills with applications and extensions that apply to robotics, programming, and engineering. The most important thing you will find in our mathematics class is the outstanding faculty who love their area of study and show that passion to their students. 

Maximum Results  



Students use the Calculus concept of optimization to collect and analyze real-world datasets of their choosing. Past projects have answered questions such as "How much sleep should I get each night to maximize productivity?" and "What will the world population be when I graduate from college?"


Photo of Seattle Academy student in Math class

Foundational Skill Building

“With paper walls a stone roof is impossible” - Chinese proverb. All students at SAAS must learn, develop, and practice the foundational skills to excel in the sciences.

Photo of Seattle Academy Middle School student in Math Class

Critical Thinking Skills

Students will explore how math topics support and confirm each other.  Math more than any other science is verifiable, interconnected, and a beautiful fabric of complex ideas.

Photo of Seattle Academy Middle School student in Math Class


Mathematics is a language of precise communication. Students are encouraged to visualize ideas, communicate those concepts, and then critically evaluate their own thinking. 

Photo of Seattle Academy student in math class

Going Beyond the Formulas

At all levels and grades teachers encourage students to go beyond worksheets and formulas. They identify the extensions and implications of the math topics they study and take that to a higher level of understanding.

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