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Through an exciting variety of classes and opportunities, the Science Department prepares students for college and life in a dynamic and rapidly changing world, grounding students in fundamental principles of scientific reasoning. We seek to produce graduates motivated to investigate and solve problems using creativity, logic, technology, and collaboration with a sense of and commitment to ethics and integrity.

Our science faculty emphasize science as a particular way of understanding the world. This way of knowing is based upon devising, testing, discarding, and revising hypotheses. To implement this strategy, students must apply a process of inquiry which relies on both logical reasoning and imaginative thinking. 

  • Logical thinking involves the application of a canon of facts and empirical observations to draw unbiased conclusions. 
  • Imaginative thinking involves using diverse perspectives, innovative experiments, and novel uses of technology to approach questions. 

The science curriculum is structured to achieve increasing levels of complexity as students move through the science curriculum in 6th grade -12th grade.

Wastewater Mitigation



Our 10th grade chemistry Wastewater Mitigation Project emphasizes acid and base chemistry in a historical case study of industrial wastewater emissions into the Duwamish river in previously segregated Seattle. The project challenges students to use calculations and laboratory explorations to solve a complex problem with important environmental justice ramifications.


Photo of Seattle Academy Middle School students in a science lab conducting an experiment


Emulate the methods used to conduct science in the global community, including close collaboration, individual research, and active peer review

Photo of Seattle Academy Upper School students in the Chemistry Lab


Work with peers, faculty, and others to achieve ends which incorporate diverse perspectives.

Photo of Seattle Academy Upper School Science Students Presenting with Technology in Class in 2022


Use a variety of existing and emerging technologies for data collection, analysis, and presentation. 

Photo of Seattle Academy Upper School Science Student Public Speaking


Share research and results effectively to peers, faculty, parents, and community members.

Photo of Seattle Academy Upper School student presenting at the annual bio poster display


Express learning in creative formulations original to the student, while properly crediting the work of others.

Photo of Seattle Academy  Upper School Student in Biology Lab


Apply lab and field techniques to answer questions in novel ways.

Photo of Seattle Academy Robotics students

Scientific Community

See themselves as active community members and global citizens with a responsibility to apply their knowledge and make connections through projects, field trips, and clubs.

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