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Student Academic Teams




The Seattle Academy Debate Team provides high school students with a highly competitive and rigorous elective and extracurricular program.


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Mock Trial


Mock Trial encourages SAAS students to participate in the judicial branch of our government while they acquire leadership, team building, and public speaking skills.



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The Seattle Academy Speech Team team offers the opportunity for students to be part of a competitive and supportive team, regardless of experience level.

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Ethics Bowl



The SAAS Ethics Bowl team participates in respectful and rigorous discussion of ethics among high school students across the state of Washington and Nationwide. 


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The Seattle Academy Robotics program is a place for students to learn foundational skills in building, coding, and business administration. 



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Youth Legislature


Youth Legislature helps students develop their abilities in the types of leadership, critical thinking skills, and public speaking that will help them to become active participants in our modern democratic society.   


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