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The Seattle Academy Debate Team provides high school students with a highly competitive and rigorous elective and extracurricular program. Students who want to participate on the Debate Team are required to take a Debate elective as a course during their regular academic day. This allows students sufficient time to prepare and practice for competition. Our team competes in various events including Policy and Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Congress, which give students the opportunity to plan collaboratively but perform independently if they choose. While the Debate Team isn’t offered to Middle School students, 8th grade students have the option of taking an 8th Grade Debate elective that exposes them to debate methods and events. 

Our Speech Team and Debate Team share a simple philosophy: success is the growth of every member in an environment where each individual victory is enjoyed by all. Our team members are challenged to leave their comfort zones, express themselves, and model excellence for SAAS. 

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