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Mock Trial

Our Mock Trial team is a vibrant group of students who compete in the YMCA Mock Trial competition each year. Mock Trial encourages SAAS students to participate in the judicial branch of our government while they acquire leadership, team building, and public speaking skills. 

The SAAS Mock Trial course is designed to give students an introduction to the legal system and a foundation in trial skills. These skills include: writing opening statements and closing arguments, conducting direct and cross-examinations, introducing evidence in a trial, applying evidentiary rules, and performing as a witness. Through these skills, students will develop their ability to speak in public, formulate arguments, and work as a team. 

The Mock Trial program provides an opportunity for students to participate in a competitive courtroom showdown between teams from around the state. Through researching case law, working with team members, and arguing legal issues in front of real judges and lawyers, teens are provided with hands-on learning opportunities that will assist in the development of the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to lead the next generation.

Awards & Accomplishments

3rd Place at Regional Tournament
Qualified for State Competition

3rd Place at Regional Tournament
Avery Berg won Best Witness Overall at Regionals
Qualified for State Competition

Seattle Academy Red and Gray teams placed 6th and 7th in the King County Tournament
Outstanding Witness: Abi Batingan '22, Aiden Carroll '23, Annabelle Burg '22, Avery Berg '23, Cole Didier '23, Kate Eleveld '24, Maggie Johnson '23
Outstanding Attorney: Aya Nicholls '23, Elise Gundlach, '23, Justin Selby '22, Maggie Johnson '23 
Best Attorney in State: Tatum McLaughlin '22

Placed 7th at State
Best Witness nominees:  Avery Berg '23, Maggie Johnson '23, Finn McSherry '23, Natalie Graham '21
Best Attorney nominees: Sonja Washburn '21, Mason McIlwain '21, Tatum McLaughlin '22, Parker Campbell '22

Outstanding Attorney Award: Chloe Rubin '20 
Outstanding Witness Award: Sonja Washburn '21 

Outstanding Witness Awards: Hannah McConnell '20, Sydney Janssen '18,  and Else-Rose Ratzliff '17
Outstanding Attorney Awards: Savannah Westra '19 and Stella Esenten-Cicon '17

Seattle Academy team qualified for the State Tournament
Seattle Academy team finished 8th in the King County Tournament
Outstanding Witness Awards: Blake Calvo '19, Jayden Yoppolo '19, and Sam Gray '16
Outstanding Attorney Awards: Hannah Davis '19, Stella Esenten-Cicon '17, and Sam Gray '16

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