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The mission of the Seattle Academy Robotics program is to offer curious students a place to learn foundational skills in building, coding, design, and more. The program runs during the fall and spring trimesters, two days a week after school, and is also broken into two sub groups: a skill-oriented team and a competitive team. Once students have completed the basic training of the skill-oriented team, as well as a displayed maturity, they can level up to the competing team. 

Adult mentors act as engineering guides who take care of a lot of the overhead logistics but the backbone of training and support centers on Upper School Robotics Club volunteers. Adults work with Upper School students on activities, lessons, and skill building, and then everyone supports the Middle School team in achieving their goal.

Program Quick Facts:

  • Leading the way with more students and robotics offerings than any other program in Washington and the Pacific Northwest region.
  • Students compete in 5 different local robotics leagues with a total of 14 different robotics teams across both divisions.


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