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Application Process

What is Ravenna?

Ravenna is a web-based application system used to manage your application process. New users must create an account. Returning users can use their existing email and password. If you have trouble creating a new account or with a current account, please contact

Do siblings have preference in admissions?

SAAS offers early decision admission notification to current SAAS families. While we do not automatically accept newly applying siblings, one of our top priorities is to help to keep families together. Review our sibling application process for more information. 

If my student is on the waitlist this year, do I need to reapply next year?

Applications do not carryover from previous years. Your student will need to complete a new application process and provide new supplemental materials.  It is important to see the student’s progress year after year.

Do you offer fee waivers for any part of the process?

Application fee waivers and waivers for the ISEE and SSAT are available for SAAS applicants through the Admission Office by emailing

Please note: SSS has established new fee waiver guidelines according to family income and will not charge a fee for qualified filers. Families who do not qualify for a waiver and would like assistance to cover the fee may request a waiver from SAAS. To request a need-based waiver for any required component of our application process, please email

General Admission Questions

What makes SAAS stand out from other independent schools?

What is the daily schedule at SAAS?

Classes start at 8:15 a.m., and end at 3:00 p.m. Our day is divided into 8 blocks.
View the Seattle Academy Daily Schedule online. 

What is the average class size?

Managing individual classroom size is important in order for our faculty to support our mission to prepare students for college and life. Our typical class size is eighteen.  It is our student to teacher ratio of 6:1 that allows for building healthy relationships, which in turn can leverage a high level of performance from students.

I currently live out of town, what should I do?

The application process and deadlines remain the same as the standard application process. 

Please contact the Admission Team at to arrange separate accommodations for visit day and parent/guardian interviews.

How do I reschedule a parent/guardian interview or visit day?

Families can unregister for events online as long as the registration deadline has not passed and the school has not closed the event.

Step 1. Go to the Ravenna menu on the left and select Events.
Step 2. Select the event you wish to unregister from. 
Step 3. Click on the red unregister button at the bottom of the event details page.
Step 4. Confirm you wish to unregister in the pop-up window. Once you do so, a green box will appear on the event detail page confirming your withdrawal from the event.

If you cannot unregister for the event online, please contact us directly to cancel the registration.

My student has been waitlisted, what does that mean?

Confirmed waitlist applicants are kept in the wait pool until school begins in the fall.  To be considered for admission in the following year, applicants must complete the application process, submitting a new preliminary application, student statement, and parent/guardian statement. In order to track student growth from the previous application, we ask that new teacher evaluations are completed, as well as an updated transcript for the current application year. Please contact the Admission Department to discuss waiving or submitting additional documents. 

How do you support students with learning differences?

Many families are interested in hearing about our Learning Support Program. For the most detailed information visit the Learning Support Program page

Student and Family Support?

Seattle Academy offers multiple support structures for our students and families. In addition to our Learning Support program, we have advisors and grade-level coordinators that support families in navigating our school academically and socially. We also have three full-time counselors on staff. We believe in early and often communication to create successful partnership between home and school. 

What are the transportation options?

We offer bus service with stops along 520, I-90, Ballard, Ravenna, Queen Anne/Magnolia, West Seattle, and Rainier Beach. Many families choose to carpool or have their student utilize public transportation via bus or rail. Parking permits are available for a limited number of Upper School students

Learn more about Transportation at Seattle Academy. 

How does college advising work?

Many of our prospective families are thinking about the next step in their child’s education. For in-depth information visit our College Advising Program page. 

Financial Aid

Does SAAS offer financial aid?

Yes, SAAS offers financial assistance to approximately 23% of our current students. However, our policy is to offer need-based aid only; we do not offer merit-based grants. Visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

If parents/guardians do not live together (e.g. divorced, separated, never married), do both households have to submit financial information?

Yes, each parent/guardian household must submit a Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) along with all 2018 tax documents (1040, W-2, any relevant schedules) to be considered for aid. 

What happens if I miss the filing deadline?

We prioritize funding for those families who meet the filing deadline requirement.  If additional funds remain, late filers will be considered but risk having a grant be significantly underfunded or not considered.

When and how will I receive information about a financial aid grant?

For returning students, we will send financial aid grant information with your re-enrollment contract information in late January to early February. 

For newly invited students, decision letters and grant information are released on the same day. Our Business Office will communicate grant awards separately. 

What if I haven’t filed a 1040 form this year?

We require the most recently filed 1040; for some families that maybe the previous year’s form. Please note that we are unable to offer a grant in the absence of a recent tax return on file.

Do we really need to file every year?

Yes. We receive many requests for need-based financial aid.  In order to use our resources in an equitable manner, we require that each family re-apply every year.

What should I do if my financial situation changes after I have filed the Personal Financial Statement with SSS?

If your financial situation changes significantly after you have completed your application, please return to your SSS application and make the necessary adjustments to your information. Once you have updated your file, please notify the Admission Office that changes have been made that may warrant further review. Please note that any late adjustment to the PFS after a grant has been awarded is subject to the availability of funds.