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The SAAS dance program fosters active participation in multiple dance styles. A rich exposure to contemporary, hip hop, and jazz strengthens students’ creativity, cooperation, and individuality, and also allows them to take ownership of their educational and artistic growth. Through dance, students gain invaluable performance, leadership, and critical and aesthetic thinking skills they can apply in any situation. 

All Middle and Upper School students have dance as part of their arts curriculum and as a graduation requirement.


Milan Fillipi '21 danced in the Seattle Academy dance program from 8th through 12th grade. Milan is currently attending Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles as a Dance and Economics major. He has performed in work choreographed by Laurie Sefton, and with Radix Dance Crew who opened for Aminé at Fallapalooza Music Festival. One of his highlight performances was at the 2022 Pepsi SuperBowl LVI Halftime Show.

Dance Calendar

Photo of Seattle Academy Dance Program

Demanding Technical Training

The SAAS dance program includes demanding technical training, choreographic and creative opportunities, and regular performance experiences. 

Photo of Seattle Academy Dance Class


Classes provide the framework within which students embark on and reinforce the artistic discipline habits of dance.

Photo of Seattle Academy Upper School Dance Program

Artistic Expression

Rehearsals lay the groundwork for students to experience artistic expression and the personal and group investment vital to create a successful piece. 

Photo of Seattle Academy Dance Program


Creating and learning choreography allows students the opportunity to practice authenticity and responsibility. Each dancer in the ensemble is vital to the success of the entire group.

Photo of Seattle Academy Dance Program

Performance Opportunities

Performance provides endless opportunities for students to learn to respond quickly and make adjustments in the moment, an invaluable skill throughout life.


Jamara Putney '21 began dancing in the SAAS Dance Program in 6th grade in the Middle School Dance Project. She danced through high school and eventually joined the Advanced Dance Team. Her first ever film was created at SAAS and she is now applying those skills in college and beyond. She is currently a Psychology major and Film minor at Howard University in Washington DC.



Evelyn Williamson '21 started dancing at Seattle Academy in 6th grade in the Middle School Dance Project. She continued in the Dance Program throughout middle school and high school and served as the Advanced Dance Captain in her Senior year at SAAS. Evelyn attends Oberlin College in Ohio where she studies Psychology and Sociology. She is currently serving as Director of Oberlin’s Hip Hop dance club, CHOREO. 


Anna Kendall '21 was a dancer in the Seattle Academy dance program from 8th grade through 12th grade and began her dance experience in the Middle School Dance Project at SAAS. She is currently attending Tufts University in Massachusetts where she is studying bio-psychology and chemistry. She also dances in Tufts' hip-hop choreography team, Spirit of the Creative.


Elena Kosh '17 started in the dance program in the 6th grade and continued dancing through her senior year. As a member of Advanced Dance, she performed in multiple shows, festivals, and competitions, and choreographed a piece for the Spring Dance Concert her senior year. Known for her keen eye for composition and artistic curiosity, Elena is now dancing at Barnard College and loving it!