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Seattle Academy’s Vocal Music program offers a broad-based approach to vocal music encouraging students to discover the joys and benefits of music practice and performance. Whether a novice or already passionate about singing, the SAAS “no-cut policy” allows each participant to be challenged and grow through music. Through the school’s commitment to Participation and Excellence kids may discover a talent they didn’t know existed, or have their talent and passion showcased at national competitions such as the Reno Jazz Festival which has named SAAS as the “Top Vocal Ensemble” twice in the last four years.

The SAAS vocal program maintains seven performing groups plus a Beginning Vocal class for kids who want to give singing a try.

Middle School

6th grade students participate in a Musical Theatre class.

Vocal Ensemble electives are available to all 7th and 8th grade students without an audition.

Upper School

Upper School students are invited to participate in SAAS vocal groups and placed in a performing ensemble after an informal audition. The two Upper School Jazz Choirs require a more formal audition and participation is limited.


Our award-winning vocal program is available to all grade levels and includes opportunities to participate in classes, performances, and national competitions including the world-renowned  Reno Jazz Festival where our Advanced Jazz Choir, The Onions, have won overall jazz choir.

Photo of Seattle Academy Vocal Program


The Vocal Music program develops students' self-confidence and willingness to be seen and heard. 


Photo of Seattle Academy Vocal Program

Transformative Power

Through rehearsals and performances, students also experience the transformative power of music.

Photo of Seattle Academy Vocal Program


The Vocal students also learn to love the ongoing pursuit of a constantly changing goal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vocal Program

Is everyone required to sing a solo?

Even though many singers choose to work on and perform solos, no one is required to solo in a performance.

When are the auditions?

Auditions for the Upper School vocal groups occur each spring, typically in late April or early May. After these auditions students are placed in singing groups for the following school year. New students are invited to the Spring audition dates or can set up an individual audition.

How do auditions work?

Students will be asked to sing a song of their choices for the Upper School vocal groups audition. The audition for the Jazz Choirs is more involved. For details, visit the Seattle Academy Vocal Auditions page.