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Seattle Academy Vocal Auditions

Auditions are typically held in late Spring for the following school year. They can also be arranged one-on-one throughout the school. If you have additional questions, please contact Mark Hoover.

As a singer at Seattle Academy there are two tracks you can follow, so there are two types of auditions. You may also follow both tracks simultaneously.

Track one is called “Vocal Shows,” and track two is named “Jazz Choir.”

I - Track One, Vocal Shows: requires a very simple “audition.” All you need to do is come sing a song, any song, and you will be placed in a Vocal Show. There are three levels of vocal shows, and your placement is determined primarily by your grade level. This is the part of the vocal program that has a “no-cut” policy.

The Vocal Show track is the simplest way to participate in the singing program. In this track the emphasis is on solo and small group singing. The three levels of vocal shows are:

  • Vocal Showcase – Primarily for 9th graders
  • Vocal Revue – Primarily for 10th graders
  • Vocal Ensemble – Primarily for 11th and 12th graders


II - Track Two, Jazz Choir: is designed for more serious music students. Vocal Jazz has regular homework and requires a more in-depth audition consisting of the following parts:
1.    Sing a song (preferably a jazz standard).
2.    Demonstrate vocal improvisation, aka scat singing. If you have never done vocal improvisation, be willing to give it a try.
3.    Demonstrate any music reading and music theory knowledge you have learned*.  (If you have learned some theory, you can demonstrate what you know. If you have not yet studied theory, it will be part of your future program.)

* Music reading and music theory topics for the vocal jazz audition could include:

  • Sight Reading
  • Basic piano keyboard knowledge
  • Solfege identification
  • Solfege singing, both diatonic and chromatic
  • Interval identification - (on the keyboard, on the staff or by ear)
  • Triad identification  - (on the keyboard, on the staff or by ear)

The Jazz Choir track requires regular homework. In this track the emphasis is on group singing of the vocal jazz, popular and a capella repertoire. The two levels of jazz choir are:
Jazz Choir II – Grades 9-12
Jazz Choir I (“The Onions”) – Primarily grades 10-12