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Season Schedule & Tickets

Season Schedule 2023-24

Tickets: We are producing live shows to audiences in 2023-24! Seating is limited, however, and therefore we are prioritizing tickets to families of the cast and crew, with a few tickets available for friends and teachers. We look forward to returning to fully-ticketed shows as soon as possible!




November 1-4

Upper School Musical: The Prom / Sold Out contact Linda Spangler to inquire about waitlist tickets

November 8-9

8th Grade Show: School Daze / No Tickets Required
November 13

Fall Visual and Media Arts Reception

November 17 6th & 7th Grade Bands (on End-Of-Tri Stage)
November 20 8th Grade Band & 8th Grade Vocal (on End-Of-Tri Stage)
November 21 Fall End-of-Tri

December 4

US Jazz Bands 1 & 2 (Royal Room)
January 12 Diversity in Dance Panel Discussion & Performance (NOD Theater)
February 1-3

Upper School Winter Production: The Good Doctor

February 8-10

Upper School Vocal Ensemble

February 14-15

7th Grade Show: And Then There Was One- A Spoof

February 29 - March 2

Middle School Musical: Finding Nemo KIDS

March 4 Winter Visual and Media Arts Reception
March 7 Winter End-of-Tri
March 14 Jazz Choir III Concert
March 20 String Ensemble (Band Room)
March 25 Upper School Jazz Band 1 & 2 (Royal Room)

April 29
8th Grade Band and Jazz Band II Concert (Royal Room)
May 1 6th & 7th Grade Instrumental & 7th Grade Vocal (in Middle School Gym)

May 2
Senior Visual and Media Arts Show

May 9-11

Upper School Spring Production: A Wrinkle In Time 

May 13

US Jazz Band I End of Year Celebration Concert (Royal Room)
May 15 Spring Visual and Media Arts Reception
May 17 Jazz Choir II & Vocal Project Concert
May 23 Film Night  - No Tickets Required
May 24-25 Onions Vocal Concert - Purchase Tickets Here

May 30-31

7th Grade Show: The Audition  
May 30 - June 1 All Grades Dance Concert - Purchase tickets here
June 12 Curtain Call


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