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Design & Technical Theater

Students in Seattle Academy Design and Technical Theater classes explore the world of theater design and technology by bringing their personal basket of talents and human experience to our community storytelling and productions. We offer opportunities for students to design shows, work as part of our theater crews, and regularly create opportunities for independent study projects, often with local professional theaters.

SAAS Design and Technical Theater classes offer both Middle and Upper School students with the opportunity gain a broad overview or to “dive deep” into a subject.


Noah Sarkowsky '17 discovered he had a talent and interest in stage management. As he pursued his interest at professional theaters in Seattle, he became passionate about creating a program at SAAS where he could pass on those skills. Supported by our faculty and staff, he submitted a proposal to the department that resulted in the creation of a student led program still operating today. Students who Noah mentored, like Esme Decoster '18, continued to pass on those professional level skills, and our current student stage managers are supervised by our faculty and a rotation of professional stage managers from the Seattle theater community. 

Photo of Seattle Academy Design and Technical Theatre

Collaboration and Cross Disciplinary Learning

The Design and Technical Theater curriculum epitomizes the art of collaboration and cross disciplinary learning.

Photo of Seattle Academy Design and Technical Theatre Program

Master Skills

Math and engineering, literary interpretation and analysis, and interpreting historical themes and context are all interwoven into the students’ experience as they build skills in the Design and Technical Theater realm.

Photo of Seattle Academy Design and Technical Theatre Program

Call Your Own Show

Students learn how to run rehearsals, maintain a show “dropbox” (the industry standard for online communication), manage backstage crews, create industry standard paperwork like a “calling script” and eventually develop the skills required to call an entire large musical independently.

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