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The SAAS Film Program helps students develop their ability to be critical producers and consumers of audio-visual communications. By utilizing the three-phase process of analysis and design, construction, and implementation, SAAS students design and engineer their films while simultaneously developing a sense of their own aesthetics. Students are encouraged to experiment with ways of communicating to an audience, whether it be through the two-dimensional world of animation and traditional film, the 3D world of physical video installation, or even, 360 degree / virtual reality experiences.

By preparing students to be active, critical viewers in a media saturated world, the SAAS Film Program teaches students to explore and question established media language conventions and to explore alternative ways of producing and presenting their own original content.


The SAAS Film Program offers opportunities for public screening and recognition. Selections of student work are shown at Seattle Academy assemblies, the yearly Art Show, and Film Night.  In addition, films are submitted to local, national, and international youth film festivals.  SAAS students have screened at, and attended festivals in South Korea, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Croatia, and across the United States.