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FAQ: Structure, Processes, Logistics

What Sports does Seattle Academy Offer?

We have three seasons in Athletics. Visit our Sports page for more information on season and team offerings. 

What league does Seattle Academy Athletics belong to?

The Seattle Academy Upper School is a member of the Emerald City 1A League, consisting of Class A schools assigned by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) District #2. League membership establishes guidelines and regulations for scheduling games and practices, equalizes competition, conducts league meetings as well as determines championships and advancement to seeded allotments in the district tournaments. The league provides Seattle Academy the opportunity for competition with schools of similar size, location, and programs. Membership requires that participating schools abide by all league rules and regulations.

The Middle School programs compete in the Cross Town Middle School League. 

What is the difference between a turnout and a tryout?

Seattle Academy has a “no-cut” policy. Therefore, we use the term “turnout” rather than “tryout.” If a student wants to participate and meets the team expectation, there will be a team available to them. Our goal is to provide the best experience for each one of our student-athletes.

Structure and Philosophy of team placements?

We are proud that a high number of students participate in our athletic program each year. We have both a "no-cut" participation program and top-level teams that win state championships, balancing both participation and excellence. We emphasize the development of athletic skill in a natural and individualized progression, which allows athletes of all levels to participate fully and benefit from their involvement in sports.

The Seattle Academy Athletics Department, along with our coaching staff, carefully evaluates players who turn out at the start of each sports season to create the best overall experience for athletes. Coaches have the opportunity to watch and evaluate players during the turn-out time. Players are placed on teams based on skill, experience, attitude, athleticism, and commitment.

Can you explain how the school names the different teams?

In the Middle School we use our school colors; red, black, grey, white and sometimes yellow to help distinguish our teams. In the Upper School, we use more traditional names such as Varsity, JV, JVC, or Freshman.

What is the time commitment for each team?

Each team level has a different time commitment. Once placed on a team, each athlete is expected to attend ALL team events, unless absences are cleared by a coach or administrator. 

Upper School Varsity teams meet to practice and/or compete five and sometimes six days a week. Other Upper School teams (JV, JVC, etc.) will have days off each week. 

Middle School teams meet to practice and/or compete 3 to 4 times a week.

What forms are required to play?

View and Print the Physical Form - required for any student participating in dance or athletics

By Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) requirements, student athletes must have had a physical to participate in sports activities. The School Preparticipation History and Physical Exam form must be signed by the student’s doctor and filed with the school before the student can be eligible to participate in practices and games. Physicals are valid for 24 months. A completed Head Injury Form and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form are also required each year for ALL student athletes. All health forms are available on our secure, online student medical record database Magnus Health

Login to Magnus Health to Review Your Forms

What is impact testing and who is required to be tested?

The school conducts impact testing on all Upper School athletes in high impact sports such as basketball, lacrosse, and soccer. The test provides a baseline comparison for each athlete.The test is completed on campus by our athletic trainer at no cost to families.

What will my child need to bring to practice?

Students will want to bring clothes they can move in – shorts, shirts, and appropriate shoes for their sport (running shoes, cleats, court shoes, spikes). Their sport may also require things like shin guards for soccer or knee pads for volleyball, and they will want those too. A water bottle and snacks are also good things to pack as well as warmer clothes for those sports taking place outside – sweatshirt, sweatpants.  Since there is always the chance of rain, packing a garbage bag they can throw their gear into can save you from finding a bag full of wet, stinky, clothes!

Students will be issued uniforms from the Athletic Department.  Uniforms should be washed and returned at the end of each season.

What does my child do at the end of the school day?

Each Middle School sports team is assigned a room to meet after school.  Rooms will be assigned and shared with students the first week of athletics.  At 3:00, students should grab their gear, get changed in the restrooms and then head to their assigned room. 

Upper School students should get changed for practice and then meet their bus and coach at an assigned location on the 12th ave block.

How does my child get to and from the practice location?

Each team will be transported to and from their practice location by a school bus.  Middle school teams will walk with their coach to their assigned bus. If the location is close, teams will walk to the practice site with their coach.

Where do I pick up my child after practice?

Students will be dropped off at the 16th St Lot. If practice was in the SAAS Gym for safety reasons, we ask that parents pull into the gym garage to pick up their child. We promise this doesn’t take long and is a lot safer then stopping traffic on Spring Street, or having your child run across the street into traffic.  

If you would prefer, you can pick up your child from the practice site instead. Just be sure to note the practice “end time,” rather than “return time.”  If you do choose to pick up your child from the practice site, please be on time. Our coaches and bus cannot leave your child by themselves at the site and waiting a long time for one child means a bus load of children will be late getting back to school. If you are later than 5 minutes past the time the team is ready to leave, we will call you to let you know that we are taking your child back to school with the rest of the team for you to pick them up at school

Where can I find my child's team schedule?

For Seattle Academy sports team news, roster, and schedule visit our Team pages

Can sports participation count towards my PE credits?

Upper School students can earn PE credit through sports participation on Seattle Academy teams. They can earn 1 credit for each sports season. In order to receive a credit, students must fulfill a 75% participation rate requirement. Club activities, such as squash or fitness, do not earn PE credit. Students who wish to earn PE credit through sports participation at other schools must obtain approval from the PE Department Chair and Director of Student Services prior to participation. 

What is Community Chest?

The Community Chest provides financial aid to students who need support to participate in school activities, including athletics, that are not covered by tuition, fees or existing financial aid awards. Examples of Community Chest support for athletics might include financial aid to purchase team t-shirts/sweatshirts, sports equipment such as cleats, sports camps held at SAAS, etc. 

But, wait! I have more questions!

Please visit our Athletics Directory for more contact information.