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Attendance Information

(from the 2017-18 Student / Parent Handbook, page 16)

Due to the nature of our educational model that requires collaboration and participation in group discussions, activities, and projects, recurrent high frequency and/or longer term absence can be problematic in the acquisition of skills that faculty work to provide. Typically it is not possible to replicate group work and activities when students are not present.

Students who are absent for protracted periods of time and/or those students with high frequency absences may not be able to meet the minimum requirement necessary to assign a passing grade for a course.

Students are required to be in attendance at school by 10:20 AM in order to participate in after school activities that day (productions, sports matches, practices, etc.). This rule applies to all students, including those with morning free blocks.

Certain exceptions to this rule will be approved on a case by case basis by the appropriate Dean of Students or Division Head. These exceptions include medical appointments, family emergencies, etc. Please note that if a student checks in by 10:20 AM and then goes home during the day because he/she is ill, the student may not participate in after-school activities unless given specific permission by the appropriate Division Head.

Parents are asked to cooperate by calling or emailing the school by 8:15 AM if their child will be absent for all or part of the day.

Attendance will be taken for the first time each day during the first period class. Front desk personnel will then distribute an attendance/absence list to all teachers via our online system. Students arriving late (after 8:15 AM) must sign in at the front desk of the appropriate building before going to class. They will receive a late slip, which they must take to their teacher.

If a student is reported absent and has not checked in late with the front office and if the parent has not contacted the school, the school will always contact the parent at home or at work to verify the absence. Teachers will subsequently take attendance in every class. If a student is not in class and does not appear on the official absence list from the front office, the teacher will inform the front office and every effort will be made to locate the student. Unexcused tardies and absences may lead to disciplinary action.