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SAAS Parent Association Support for Climate Strike

Please read the following message written by our SAAS Parent Association Representatives.

The Parent Association would like to show their support of the SAAS community participating in the Climate Strike event at Cal Anderson Park (9:30 AM - 12:00 PM) and subsequent march and demonstration to City Hall (12:30 - 3:00 PM).

Participating students should have had the release form submitted by 5 PM Thursday.  Parents and any teachers attending the event are there solely to support the students and their efforts.  The parents are not allowed to take any form of chaperone role for other students that attend (unless you have coordinated with another family to watch over their children).  You are welcome to chaperone your own child as closely as you feel comfortable.  This is a public, festival-type event with a very large crowd expected.

The gathering in Cal Anderson is a chance to learn, share concerns and show solidarity for the cause.  The event is in two parts.  Students that have athletic commitments during Fall Sports Mania should return to the school by 12:20 PM.  The march to City Hall and demonstration with a return trip to SAAS is likely to go past 3 PM.  Bring a camera!  Social media hashtags include:

  • #strikewithus
  • #schoolstrike4climate

How the parents can show their support:

  1. Make poster for the rally with your child.
  2. Show up at the school between 9:10-9:25 AM.  Earlier is better; you don't want to be left behind.  Parking may be an issue.  Gather along 12th Ave. or East Union.
  3. The parent group should check-in with the school to let them know they are ready to march over.
  4. March over to Cal Anderson Park around 9:30 AM.  The students should be organizing and leading this effort.  Join the group to walk over to the park.  Walking over with or near your child might help the group stay together.  
  5. Hopefully the SAAS students will want to set up a base location at the park. That location might be transmitted through the PA to bring in any SAAS parents that can show up later.
  6. Mingle, learn, and show support. Workshops are located to the East of the reflecting pool.
  7. If you'd like to hear the youth speakers, gather up again and direct your attention to the stage in the Southwest by 10:45 AM.
  8. Start gathering to march back to the school at 12:00.  Many students will be returning to classes by 12:20 PM.  Marching out of Cal Anderson can be a bit of a zoo.  For large marches it can take over half an hour to empty out the park.  (For students that have to be back by 12:20 PM, consider using a side route that isn't along the parade route.)
  9. If you and your child have the extra time, carry on with the entire march and demonstration.  The march to City Hall officially begins at 12:30 PM.  The second half of the day is scheduled through 3 PM with the planned demonstration (singing, chanting, speeches).
  10. Your own child is your priority.  Stay with the group for as long as your schedule allows.  March with (or near) your child.  Be counted among the marchers and demonstrators.
  11. The march from Cal Anderson to City Hall takes over thirty minutes. Wear comfortable shoes and layers. Carrying a backpack with supplies is a good idea. The march back to SAAS also takes half an hour. (Or take the bus...)

Be sure to save some energy so you can attend Fall Sports Mania and cheer on the teams at the Starfire complex.  Try to approach this Climate Strike with a flexible attitude.  Bring a lunch if you plan on attending the rally, march, and demonstration.  Weather is predicted to be mostly cloudy, 60-65 deg F, with a low chance of precipitation.

Link to the social media event page has a few more details for what you can expect:
More details of the event are buried in the details of the event page.  Attached are a map and a poster that give an outline for the festivities.


If included all attachments will appear here. Click on thumbnail to view, save and print as needed.

View the Climate Strike Flyer
View the Map of the Climate Strike Route

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