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Process for earning outside PE credit:

1.  APPLICATION: View and print the PE Credit from an Outside Source application. The application must be filled out in advance of the outside activity. Turn the application, with a brochure, if available, to Alexis Peterson or Kelly Rettenmier. The application will be reviewed and you will receive notification of approval or rejection by email.

2. TIME LOG:  A daily time log of activity must be kept and turned in with the hour verification form at the end of the season or activity.  This must include dates and times of day. View and print the PE Hour Log Sheet

3. VERIFICATION FORM:  View and print the PE Hour Verification Form. This form must be signed by the supervising adult and include contact information.  The Student Services office will follow up to verify participation.


1. Activity must be pre-approved.

2. Activity must be on a team or in a class.

3. Students can earn a maximum of 1 credit per trimester and 1 credit during the summer.  Students are allowed to earn a maximum of 5 credits outside of Seattle Academy during high school.

4. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in the paperwork described above.

5. Credit will be granted with a pass; no grade will be given.

Click the LINK below to view and print the PE for earning outside Credit forms.