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School Closure Information

  • Whenever the school has an emergency communication, whether for a school closure or another important incident, we will implement our emergency text messaging system.
  • When deciding whether to close school, delay the start of the school, or hold classes, we do NOT automatically follow the Seattle Public Schools.
  • When school is canceled, so are all events (games, concerts, productions, meetings, etc. scheduled for that day).

1. When school is delayed or cancelled (such as for inclement weather) BEFORE the school day, check the following sources of information:

2. If classes are dismissed DURING the course of the school day, our protocol is as follows.

  • When school is dismissed during the school day, the school will email and text message all families regarding the closure.
  • Students will have adult supervision until there is a safe means of transportation home.

Examples include:

  • Parents picking them up
  • Carpools from school
  • Metro buses
  • Walking (Only if this is the normal way a student gets home and conditions are safe for walking.)
  • For those families that normally use the afternoon shuttle, we will run an adjusted schedule. Parents will be notified of that schedule when a closure is announced.