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Clubs FAQ

How do I join a club?

Students can join a club by signing up at our Club Fair (Upper School), or simply by showing up! Once club offerings are finalized, they are posted online so that students can see when and where they meet. For many of our informal clubs, students can join at any point. For some, more formalized clubs, there is a particular sign-up window and process to follow (communicated via email).

When do most clubs meet?

Most clubs meet at lunch throughout the week, though some clubs meet in the mornings, after school, or on occasional weekends.

What if there isn’t a particular club that I want?

If you don’t see a club that fits your interest, we encourage you to propose a new club! We have a particular process to do this, which includes filling out a Club Proposal form, finding a faculty advisor, and meeting with division level administration. 

Is there a limit on how many clubs I can join?

Students can join as many clubs as they wish! As always, however, we hope you consider balance among your many commitments.

How do I learn about which clubs are available?

Each Fall in the Upper School, there is a Club Fair in which Club Leaders will host tables where you can learn more about their club and sign-up, if you choose to.

In the Middle School, club information is announced at our beginning of the year community meeting. As new clubs form throughout the year, announcements are made at community meetings. Other than grade level specific clubs, all clubs are open to everyone and students are free to try different clubs before deciding which ones they want to join.