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Middle School Club Guide

2018 - 2019 CLUBS GUIDE

Please note that this list and its details are subject to change. View our up-to-date dynamic club schedule.

Learn more about the 25 Middle School Clubs offered this year below:

6th Grade Book Club

Club Description: The 6th Grade Book Club helps kids to discover their love of reading and promotes engagement and connection. Throughout the year, kids will read books of different genres and dive into a discussion about the material. 
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Friday at lunch 
Meeting Location: MS 308 
Faculty Leaders: Emily Anderson 

Anime Club

Club Description: Anime club is for lovers of Anime or those interested in checking it out! In this student-led club, we will watch and discuss Anime films.
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): TBA
Meeting Location: MS 401
Faculty Leaders: Danielle Martin 

Board Game Club (HBO)

Club Description: This club is all things board games! We play board games, discuss and review board games, create our own board games, and we are even partnering with a Human Centered Design senior class at the University of Washington to have them create board games for us created to our specifications. It is a lot of fun and low-key, so grab your lunch and stop on by on Wednesdays. 
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesdays at Lunch
Meeting Location: MS 505
Faculty Leaders: Allen Stein  

Bouldering Club

Club Description: The MS Climbing Club goes to Seattle Bouldering Project 2x per week. Students can sign up on a per trimester basis, but there is LIMITED SPACE. The club will operate on first come first serve basis. There is also a membership fee associated with this club - please do not hesitate to ask for financial assistance if needed.
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Monday & Wednesday- 3:15 PM - 5 PM.
Meeting Location: Outside Upper School Gym – will take the bus to SBP
Faculty Leaders: Lucy Miller
Faculty Supervisors: Nick Lew, Kaitlyn Webster, Liz Hudson and Luke Greenway  

Chess Club

Club Description: It is important to break a mental sweat, too! Are you interested in puzzles, problem-solving, and competing in a battle of minds? If so, chess club is for you! This club is dedicated to one of the oldest, and yet still one of the most popular, board games of all time: Chess. Come to this club to learn strategy, tactics, and openings taught by an International Chess Master (we Skype him into the classroom every other week to run a lesson), and to play against other chess players. We have several brand new chess sets, some chess books, and players of all experience levels. We plan to end the year with a middle school wide chess tournament!
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesdays during lunch
Meeting Location: MS 505
Faculty Leaders: Allen Stein

Debate Club

Club Description: Get ready for the Upper School debate class by practicing your arguments now! Debate topics will include anything from the silly (pineapple on pizza? Seriously?) to the political (is taking a knee an acceptable form of protest?) to the philosophical (do we really live in a holodeck or a matrix?). Students are always welcome to submit topics, participate, or just watch.
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Monday at lunch
Meeting Location: MS 502
Faculty Leaders: Abby Drivdahl, Dan Eberle

Futsal Club

Club Description: Futsal is an exciting, five-a-side soccer game, played with a smaller ball on a pitch/hardcourt smaller than a soccer pitch. The game is played at a faster tempo and the rules are designed for more safer and skillful play. Players will learn and improve their foot skills, vision and decision making through skill development activities and explore their own unique style of play. These skill-based sessions are focused mainly on developing their unique style base on passing, dribbling, and close control directly translate into the outdoor game!
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesdays and Fridays/3:15-4:30 p.m. (Offered Winter Only)
Meeting Location: Rooftop Playfield
Faculty Leaders: Craig Tomlinson

Harry Potter Club

Club Description: Join us to discuss the wizarding world and all things Harry Potter! Like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, this club will have adventures, learn lessons, and overall be awesome. Join us!
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Mondays during lunch
Meeting Location: MS 303
Faculty Leaders: Meredith Hale, Charlotte Krzystopik

Latin Club

Club Description: Join us, Latin scholars! Are you sad when Latin class ends for the day? Do you wish you could learn more Latin after 7th grade? Are you in grades 6/7 now and want to have more Latin fun? If you answered yes, this is the club for you! Join us as we discuss the marvels of Latin grammar, phrasing, and stories. We have two different types of activities that alternate every week: independent Latin study and Junior Classical League. JCL activities are fun, low-pressure ways to engage with Roman culture!
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Monday during lunch
Meeting Location: MS 301
Faculty Leaders: Elin Rummel

Magic the Gathering Club

Club Description: Bring your love for Magic the Gathering to school on Wednesdays at lunch for Magic the Gathering Club! We will play Magic, chat, and enjoy each other's company. This clubs is for those who are experienced Magic players or for anyone who wants to learn. We look forward to seeing you there!
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesdays during lunch
Meeting Location: MS 301
Faculty Leaders: Elin Rummel

Maker Club

Club Description: If you can think it up, you can make it here!  People have been 3D modeling & printing, sewing, making jewelry, paper art, drawing, laser cutting & engraving, metal stamping, costuming, making custom stickers, & terrariums. We have all kinds of tools, equipment & materials for you to use.  What are you going to make?
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday and Thursday during lunch
Meeting Location: Maker/Robotics lab
Faculty Leaders: Meredith Hale

Model United Nations (MUN)

Club Description: Students will roleplay as countries of their choosing to discuss both current events and fun scenarios. This club is for 7th through 12th grades, so students in the middle school have the chance to learn from and meet with upper schoolers. Seattle-area conferences will be also available for middle school students starting in January/February, giving students an opportunity to see how the organization works. 
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesdays at Lunch
Meeting Location: MS 502
Faculty Leaders: Abby Drivdahl and Adam MacDonald

Movie Watching Club

Club Description: Come unwind from your busy week with friends at Movie Watching Club! Students will select movies to watch each week and we will enjoy brief discussions of plot, characters, and cinema. Can’t wait to see you there!
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Mondays during lunch
Meeting Location: MS 302
Faculty Leaders: Bill Metcalfe

National History Day Club

Club Description: All middle schoolers are invited to research events in history for their project, build a documentary or exhibit board, or create a performance for the history competition.
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesdays during lunch; NHD competition Match 9
Meeting Location: MS 405
Faculty Leaders: Tyler Hartanov

Origami Club

Club Description: The Origami Club provides a space for kids to learn about and how to make origami and/or share their expertise in the art. With personal and video tutorials, kids will have an opportunity to spend lunchtime in a calming space that keeps their minds and hands working with the end result of beautiful art to display around the community or take home! 
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday’s at lunch 
Meeting Location: 303
Faculty Leaders: Charlotte Krzystopik 

Queer Straight Alliance

Club Description: The QSA club at SAAS aims to provide a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. We will work to build community and educate our community about sexuality, gender, and allyship. We also will also organize events for charities that help the LGBTQIA+ community and connect with other school’s QSA groups.
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Fridays at lunch
Meeting Location: MS 402
Faculty Leaders: Lewis Maday Travis, Madeline Williams 

Reptile Club

Club Description: Lovers of reptiles, unite! For those of you who love cold-blooded creatures, are interested in knowing more about reptiles, or just want to hang out with others who share similar interests we have an exciting club for you! 
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Thursdays during lunch
Meeting Location: MS 401
Faculty Leaders: Jasmine Johnson, Danielle Martin

Robotics Club

Club Description: Everyone is welcome to join, no experience needed. The robotics club will focus on different robotics missions. From battle bots and mazes to underwater missions, you’ll learn how to program in different languages and build with legos, LEDs, and more.
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:00-5:00
Meeting Location: MS 101
Faculty Leaders: Chelsea Wilcox, Jasmine Johnson, Pote Pothungsunan, Mark Zavala

Rock Ensemble

Club Description: This is a student led group that talks about and plays rock music as directed by the members. 
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Thursdays during lunch
Meeting Location: Instrumental Room
Faculty Leaders: Matt Frost

Sewing Club

Club Description: Sewing club is for anyone who is interesting in learning about sewing - no experience required! Whether you prefer to stitch by hand or by machine, Sewing Club is the place for you! Are you thready for this?
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Thursdays at Lunch
Meeting Location: MS 401
Faculty Leaders: Danielle Martin

Skateboard Club

Club Description: The Skateboard Club promotes a place for skate lovers, to talk about, watch videos about, and learn more about skateboarding. Kids with experience in the sport have the opportunity to share one of their passions and kids new to the sport have a place to learn and express ideas with their peers. Whether they are talking about skate gear or thinking of new designs for skate parks, kids are able to explore all things skateboarding
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Every other Wednesday
Meeting Location: MS 302
Faculty Leaders: Bill Metcalfe

Storytelling Club

Club Description: Feeling stressed? Come and listen to stories and eat your lunch under a canopy of projected stars. You can listen to stories or sign up to read.
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Thursdays during lunch
Meeting Location: MS 301
Faculty Leaders: Elin Rummel 

Tea Club (HBO)

Club Description: Most cultures in the world have a time of day that is set aside for a hot drink, a snack, and conversations with friends. Tea Club celebrates this by, most Wednesdays, doing just that! Meetings usually involve hot tea and games, but occasionally we have presentations on how tea is celebrated in other parts of the world.  
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesdays at Lunch
Meeting Location: MS 502
Faculty Leaders: Abby Drivdahl 

Wrestling Club

Club Description: This club is for anyone who wants to push their bodies, try a new sport, be part of a winter team, and learn to take down their friends! Wrestling is a physically demanding, but incredibly fun sport now being offered at SAAS. Anyone can try it regardless of size, prior experience, or gender. Wrestling is now a competitive varsity sport offered in the upper school, so if you think this might be something you'd be interested in once you're in high school, come try it out!
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school 
Meeting Location: Jaffe (Temple)
Faculty Leaders: Allen Stein, Alyssa Fogel

Zambia Club

Club Description: The Zambia Club works to support our sister school in Zambia through fundraisers. The club encourages participation that helps send books, school materials, and school scholarship funds to students in Zambia 
Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Mondays at lunch 
Meeting Location: MS 504
Faculty Leaders: Lewis Maday-Travis