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Upper School Clubs Guide

2019 - 2020 Clubs Guide

Please note that this list and its details are subject to change. View our up-to-date dynamic club schedule.

Learn more about the 46 Upper School Clubs offered this year below:

Amnesty International Club


Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Lunch

Meeting Location: 

Student Advisor: Sophie Borenstein, Olivia Shaw

Faculty Advisor:  Taylor Kanemori

Art Club

Come work on an existing project, or start something new! No experience necessary.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, 3pm-5pm

Meeting Location: AC 203 and AC 204

Student Advisor: N/A

Faculty Advisor:  Lily Hotchkiss

Bird Club

Bird Club is a weekly club geared toward learning, community, and fun!  Weekly meetings feature a mix of bird-themed presentations and activities. We also offer outings to local birding spots on selected weekends each trimester. Come prepared to learn, have fun, build community, and withstand a steady barrage of bird puns.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: V2

Student Advisor: Madeline Osler, Ben Adams

Faculty Advisor:  Adam MacDonald

Bouldering Club

The US Climbing Club goes to Seattle Bouldering Project 2x per week. Students can sign up on a per trimester basis, but there is LIMITED SPACE. The club will operate on first come first serve basis. There is also a membership fee associated with this club - please do not hesitate to ask for financial assistance if needed.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:15 PM-5 PM

Meeting Location: Outside Upper School Gym – will take the bus to SBP

Student Advisor: N/A

Faculty Advisor:  Lucy Miller

Faculty Supervisors: Nick Lew, Dan McGill, Kaitlyn Webster, Liz Hudson and Luke Greenway

Chess Club

For anyone who enjoys chess leisurely or competitively, come and play chess with other people. There will be a ladder for anyone to join and try to get to the top.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: AC108

Student Advisor: Barak Reibman

Faculty Advisor:  Chuck Sekyra and Jason Gough

Community Service Organization (CSO)

CSO organizes monthly service opportunities for SAAS students, including fundraisers, bake sales, food drives, and volunteer positions at community events.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday (1st/month), Lunch

Meeting Location: V2

Student Advisor: Samuel Rawlins

Faculty Advisor:  Rick DuPree

Cornhole Club

Create a space for a fun, competitive activity which everyone, regardless of athletic talent, can take part in and have fun with.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): TBA, TBA

Meeting Location: TBA

Student Advisor: Theo Kessel

Faculty Advisor:  Adam MacDonald

Culinary Club

The SAAS Culinary Team is a new club starting this year. We will be doing fundraising events like concessions for sports night here at SAAS.   With the money that the club raises we hope purchase cut gloves, and we will be learning how to use knives, make sushi, bakery items, and food sculpting.  This includes Ice Carving, Chocolate, and Salt Dough sculpting.  Field trips will include Pike's Market for the purchasing experience, and visiting local eateries.  We will be learning how to make food for the club members to be able to make for their families.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday,TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Student Advisor: Roman Saldino

Faculty Advisor:  Tom Flood

Current Events Club

In this club, each student will bring in an article each week. Members will discuss its significance and everyone’s opinions. This will allow students to bring attention to new that is important to them and create a safe space for discussions.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: V8

Student Advisor: Maya Sulkin

Faculty Advisor:  Adam McDonald

Cyber Patriots Club


Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday After School, Thursday Lunch

Meeting Location: T26

Student Advisor: Kavi Dey

Faculty Advisor:  Ernie Drumm

Dead Film Society

A club where people can watch and study classic movies. We will discuss their meaning and historical significance in light of the fact everyone in them is dead.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Friday, Lunch

Meeting Location: AC7

Student Advisor: Gracie Duck

Faculty Advisor:  Michael Cimino

Dead Poet Society

A club dedicated to reading and writing poetry and promoting free thought. All are welcome, no writing experience needed.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: V8

Student Advisor: Ben Adams

Faculty Advisor:  Brian Urrutia

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Club

Build a character for the world's greatest tabletop roleplaying game and work with a team of other brave adventurers to slay goblins, befriend villagers, and cast fireballs! This is a beginner friendly group. No previous D&D experience required; just bring your imagination.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): TBA, Lunch

Meeting Location: TBA

Student Advisor: Ben Farkas

Faculty Advisor: Kurtis Wtzel

Econ-Finance Club

The Econ-Finance Club will discuss economic and financial issues of the day with particular attention to the stock market and investing. This year a parent will be providing the seed money for stock investing, and students will be making actual investment decisions. In other words, we will be using REAL MONEY! (Proceeds to be donated to SAAS at the end of the school year; this has been cleared with the SAAS Development people.)

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: S1

Student Advisor: Oliver Every

Faculty Advisor:  Barton Truscott

Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Club provides a platform for students to explore entrepreneurship through mentorship from top professionals and entrepreneurs via panel discussions, interactive, peer-to-peer discussions, and hands-on project collaboration with other students. At the end of the year, students will have the opportunity to showcase their products and businesses to a panel of experts and potentially compete in local business competitions.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): TBA

Meeting Location: TBA

Student Advisor: Mason Mcllwain 

Faculty Advisor: Mariah Gentry, Lysie Taylor

Environmental Activism Club

To positively impact the environment by educating and inspiring students about our responsibility to protect the environment. Activities will include volunteering at local organizations and writing to senators about environmental bills.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Thursday, Lunch

Meeting Location: TBA

Student Advisor: Helen Bellew, Sidney Liu

Faculty Advisor:  Gerald Elliott

Ethics Bowl

"The National High School Ethics Bowl (NHSEB) promotes respectful, supportive, and rigorous discussion of ethics among high school students nationwide. Each Fall, the NHSEB releases a set of cases covering a broad range of issues, which then serve as the focus for the year. Teams meet together regularly, with a coach, to research the cases, to discuss the issues they raise, and, to identify clearly how they think those issues should be addressed". Due to high demand, we will now be offering two competitive teams and as many non-competitive teams as there is demand for.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. After School

Meeting Location: VB S2

Student Advisor: Aki Eisenman-Shoda

Faculty Advisor:  Gerald Elliott

Film Club

Film Club is all about education and enjoyment. Every lunch, we watch a curated list of films, sometimes submitted by club attendees, and talk about them. We watch all types of film. From French New wave to nature documentary, film club does it all. And of course, what is a movie without snacks? We also get to enjoy snacks as we watch.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): TBA, Lunch

Meeting Location: AC Film Lab

Student Advisor: Michael Jorgensen, Eli Bayuk

Faculty Advisor:  Cheryll Hidalgo

Futsal Club

Come and play futsal soccer with us early Wednesday and Friday mornings!

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Friday, 6:45am - 7:45am

Meeting Location: Gym, Cal Anderson Park

Student Advisor: TBA

Faculty Advisor: Brooks Hopp

Gaming Club

We play games with one another online and compete in EA Sports Gaming together.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Monday, Lunch

Meeting Location: AC108

Student Advisor: Oliver Hamilton

Faculty Advisor: TBA

Girls Rising in India and Nepal

Girls Rising is a club that raises money and awareness for girls’ education in India and Nepal. We hold monthly bake sales and other fundraisers to benefit the Little Sisters Fund and the Wings School to provide girls with opportunities to improve their educations.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Monday, Lunch

Meeting Location: STRULC

Student Advisor: Olivia Shaw, Carolina Stedman

Faculty Advisor: Gerald Elliott

Investment Club

The purpose of the club is to teach students of Seattle Academy about of the stock market and how to incorporate it into their lives when needed.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: AC106

Student Advisor: Isaac Long, Dimitri Vladimir

Faculty Advisor:  David Johns

Juggling Club

Juggling Club is for students, faculty, and staff who are interested in learning how to juggle or who already know how to juggle and want to learn new tricks and skills.  People of all experience levels are welcome to join us.  You can bring your equipment or share with the club.  In addition to tradition three-ball juggling, we'll also work with scarves, clubs, passing routines, and (if people are interested) 4 and 5 ball patterns.  The group is enthusiastic, inclusive, and open to your ideas and interests.  Come and juggle with us!

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Thursday, Lunch

Meeting Location: STR403

Student Advisor: Kaylee Morris, Oliver Every

Faculty Advisor:  Peter Clark

Literary Magazine Club

Literary Magazine is a weekly club in which members help produce a literary magazine. Club members can create submissions for the magazine and make up the staff that publishes it. A literary magazine is a collection of short stories, poems, art, articles, and book reviews. We will work as a club to sort through school-wide submissions to create a magazine that will be shared with the SAAS community. All are welcome!

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Monday, Lunch

Meeting Location: V3

Student Advisor: Ella Jeffries, Zola Morris

Faculty Advisor:  Kevin Kimura

Marine Science Club

Marine Science Club will connect and unite people who have an interest in marine biology, oceanography, and aquatic sciences. All are welcome to share and learn (through presentations and discussions) about what they love most about the water.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Every other Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: STR 501

Student Advisor: Elle Misko, Hannah McConnell

Faculty Advisor:  Peter Clark

Mary’s Place Club

The club is partnered with Mary’s Place Shelter and works to raise funds through bake sales and fundraising to further their cause. This club shows students the reality of homelessness in their community and gives them opportunities to make a positive impact.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: STR3 Atrium

Student Advisor: Kiki Caputo

Faculty Advisor:  Mark Wensnahan

Mental Health Club


Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: V2

Student Advisor: Lucas Sherman

Faculty Advisor:  Hannah Gorman

Model United Nations (MUN)

MUN is a weekly club in which members take the positions of UN member states and role play as delegates in simulations of UN committees. As a participant, you may choose to join us for weekly simulations, or you may make a greater investment by joining interscholastic competitions. We will join at least one competition each trimester.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: T13

Student Advisor: Delphine Casper

Faculty Advisor:  Adam McDonald

National History Day Club

National History Day (NHD) is a contest that encourages students from all over the country to consider a theme (the theme this year is Breaking Barriers) and develop a research project. Students will work through all of the stages of the historian's craft, from brainstorming and researching a topic to constructing and presenting a project to a public audience. Students may work individually or in groups on a range of project categories, including multimedia documentary, website, museum exhibit, and dramatic performance. There is also a research paper category, which may only be done individually. Your hard work on these projects culminates in regional, state, and national competitions. The SAAS NHD club offers an exciting space to share, question, and create!

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): TBA

Meeting Location: AC204

Student Advisor: Nia Brice

Faculty Advisor:  Adam MacDonald

Origami Club

Our club is a fun experience where you can learn or practice origami skills. We learn a new origami skill as a group every week.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: Art Room

Student Advisor: Ella Gonchar, Tiz Wakeman, Eva Smith

Faculty Advisor:  Lily Hotchkiss

Outdoor Club

Come hike, go snowshoeing, or go on an outdoor adventure with us! We plan a few outdoor adventures every trimester on weekends or days off school.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): TBA

Meeting Location: TBA

Student Advisor: TBA

Faculty Advisor:  Freddy Carley

Pasta Club

To collect and share insights on the subdivision of the culinary world devoted to pasta. The club will not require previous experience with cooking or consuming pasta adequate information will be provided to help you be successful in your endeavors into the pasta club lifestyle.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday and Thursday, Lunch

Meeting Location: Mezzanine

Student Advisor: Bob Smith, Finn Norberg

Faculty Advisor:  TBA


PERIOD at SAAS is a ‘chapter’ of PERIOD, a nonprofit organization committed to ending period poverty and period stigma through their 3 pillars: education, service, and advocacy. While this club does address the other two pillars, its main focus is the service aspect of the organization through providing feminine hygiene products to those experiencing homelessness in Seattle.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): TBA

Meeting Location: TBA

Student Advisor: Sophia Fonseca, Nina Mesiwala

Faculty Advisor:  TBA

Ping Pong Club

It’s not just a game, it’s a lifestyle. Join us for Ping-Pong Club Wednesdays at lunch. 

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: Mezzanine

Student Advisor: Will Sieler, Aurele Geltzer

Faculty Advisor:  Brian Urrutia

Planned Parenthood Club

Our club will raise money for Planned Parenthood through bake sales and other fundraisers. It will also create a safe space to talk about sex and sexual health while we eat lunch together.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: V2

Student Advisor: Sydney Grayson, Sadie Cook

Faculty Advisor:  Alice Laskin

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)

QSA is a club that provides a safe, fun space for students who identify as, or are advocates for, members of the LBGTQ community to share ideas, talk, and connect.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: STR403

Student Advisor: Chloe Houk

Faculty Advisor:  Hannah Chapin

Richard's Rwanda; The Abari Collective

The club is focused on providing educational opportunities for girls orphaned after the 1994 Rwandan Genocide Against the Tutsi People. The group organizes fundraisers, pen pals, feminine hygiene drives and more. 

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month.

Meeting Location: Vanderbilt S1

Student Advisor: Rowan Schwartz

Faculty Advisor:  Rick Dupree

Sci-fi Fantasy Book Club

A place to read and discuss Science Fiction Fantasy books.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: V4

Student Advisor: Owen Sangster

Faculty Advisor:  Aeva Wilkes

Students Spreading Disability Awareness (SSDA)

Do you know someone with a disability? About 20% of the population has a disability and 27% of Washington households have a person with a disability. SAAS is starting a new club called Students Spreading Disability Awareness (“SSDA”). Club members will learn about what it means to have a disability and then create a plan to spread this knowledge in the SAAS community. We will hear personal stories from people with disabilities, view engaging short films on disability-related issues, brainstorm ideas for spreading this knowledge in the SAAS Community and other schools, and put these plans into action. The goal of SSDA is to make a more inclusive community while increasing the respect for people with disabilities and pride in having a disability. We will identify potential opportunities for obtaining service hours. We are eager to start and can’t wait for our first year!

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Thursday, Lunch

Meeting Location: AC105

Student Advisor: Isabel Siebrecht, Chloe Rubin

Faculty Advisor: Taylor Kanemori

Students Fighting Anti-Semetism

To educate high school students on the antisemitism going on in the world and especially on college campuses today so they are equipped with the tools of how to combat this commentary.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): TBA

Meeting Location: TBA

Student Advisor: Hannah Boden, Gailen Greenstein

Faculty Advisor:  TBA

Team One Love

A club to bring awareness to domestic violence and sexual assault through discussion and learning. It is important to recognize the signs of abusive relationships and know how to get out, and how to help friends. This club hopes to fill the gaps in our sexual health education and help students understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Every other Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: V7

Student Advisor: Elena Zitnicki, Chloe Rubin, Olivia Levitan

Faculty Advisor:  Taylor Kanemori

Veggie Inc.

Veggies Incorporated will tackle real world issues such as environmental issues, social pressure, and race, all through the scope of vegetarianism. This will include exploring ideas of the role that social class and race play in access to vegetarian options, the impact of the environment from meat eating and animal farming in general, and why so many people are adamant about being uneducated on their impacts of eating meat. We will share vegetarian recipes, bring yummy meat free snacks, and facilitate fun and interesting conversation. Not everyone has to be a vegetarian, this club is to share many opinions and views so that we can all learn from each other.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Thursday, Lunch

Meeting Location: AC204

Student Advisor: Stella Hooper, Bella Thrussel

Faculty Advisor:  Bailey Zahniser

Water 1st Club

We will fundraise for the organization Water1st international with bake sales. We will also discuss the water crisis and learn about what Water1st is doing to solve it.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Thursday, Lunch

Meeting Location: VBS1

Student Advisor: Ruby Desai

Faculty Advisor: Anna Poponyak

Woke Club

Woke club is a safe space to discuss ideas, current events, personal problems, or any other topic that interests you. Everything discussed in Woke Club stays in Woke Club, so attendees can feel comfortable educating themselves and sharing their opinions. 

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Friday, Lunch

Meeting Location: TBA

Student Advisor: Ariana Rastani, Maia Malakoff

Faculty Advisor: Erin Aitchison

Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA)

The YDSA aims to be an inclusive space for any and all to learn, become active, and spread their knowledge, about socialism, anti-capitalism, or even broader anti-oppression movements, theories, books, and more.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Every other Thursday, Lunch

Meeting Location: V4

Student Advisor: Aliyah Yee

Faculty Advisor: TBA

Youth Legislature

Youth Legislature is an extracurricular program that gives students the opportunity to participate in politics and practice public speaking.  Students will choose roles as Senators or Representatives and write bills to be argued in committee and in legislative sessions.  Students may also choose roles as lobbyists and do more extensive research on issues in addition to speaking on bills, or they may choose to be reporters and write articles for a newspaper that is part of the state program.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Tuesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: T14

Student Advisor: N/A

Faculty Advisor:  Steve Retz

Zambia Club

The Upper School Zambia Club supports the SAAS-Zambia Program.  Among other activities, we hold fundraisers for our partner schools and clinics in Zambia.  Students who are interested in the Zambia Trip are particularly encouraged to participate in the Zambia Club.

Meeting Day(s)/Time(s): Wednesday, Lunch

Meeting Location: AC203

Student Advisor: Lily Wong, Mason McIlwain

Faculty Advisor:  Melinda Mueller