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Extending Our Classroom

At Seattle Academy we believe extending our classrooms into the greater community provides growth opportunities for both the individual and the group. We believe that learning happens in the classroom, the real world, and all of the spaces in between. We hope to instill in students a natural curiosity and love of learning that extends well beyond the classroom. We offer multiple opportunities for our students to learn and grow and we make that happen in multiple settings. We provide off-campus learning opportunities to all students starting in the sixth grade and continuing through senior year. 

Photo from the Seattle Academy Odyssey Trip Extending our Classroom
Photo of Seattle Academy Middle School students on the annual SEE Trip

Getting Outside

Whether it be field trips, SEE (See Experience Explore) trips, Senior Projects, or outdoor trips, students explore different environments that connect classroom activities with real-world experiences, meet experts in the field, and demonstrate what they have learned. 

Photo of Seattle Academy students on a field trip

Field Trips

Our students routinely venture into the community on field trips that are connected to specific subjects, community building, and service. We strive to create learning opportunities where ever we go and to give students the opportunity to problem-solve and take risks in multiple settings. We want kids to be able to connect what they have heard, seen, and done at school to the new things they hear, see, and do when they’re off campus. Field trips are scheduled during the school day so all students can participate.


Photo of Seattle Academy Middle School class extending our classroom on a grade level overnight trip

Grade Level Retreats

Each grade level participates in grade level specific retreat. Be it on the 7th-grade class trip to Camp Orkila, to the 9th grade Odyssey trip (a three-day backpacking trip), we provide unique experiences that meet the needs of each grade level and give them extended time together to build community and reflect on who they are as individuals and as a group.

Photo of Seattle Academy students visiting the marine center

Connecting with Experts

We provide different avenues for our students to connect with experts from a variety of fields both on and off campus. Whether it be a guest speaker in a community meeting, students presenting a project to a panel of professionals, or a field trip to a local organization, we believe it is important for our students to make connections beyond the classroom. 

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