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Food Service

Healthy food options are an important part of every student’s day. As we begin to reopen campus with the Hybrid Schedule, we want to continue providing a delicious and balanced food service for interested students, faculty, and staff in partnership with SAGE Dining Services. To ensure the most up-to-date safety measures on campus, we have rethought and reconfigured the dining experience and decided to deliver meals to each classroom for both Middle School and Upper School students. This way, students can maintain physical distancing while eating safely.

To make this type of service possible, families and students will need to preorder their meal choices at the beginning of each week.  

Preorder your lunch here

The process is easy! On the site (or on the mobile app (iOS App Store, Google Play Store), you can review the menu, check for allergens, and choose a meal for your student; SAGE will then safely deliver your selection to the assigned eating location. 

Payment: The pre-ordered school lunches will be charged through your lunch account in My Backpack on a monthly basis.  Each pre-ordered lunch costs $6.00.

To add money to My Backpack -Select Food Service Account at the bottom of the Resource Center navigation box on the right-hand side of the home screen. Enter the amount you would like to add to your account in the payment box to the right of Food Service Account.

The total for the month will be emailed directly to parents by the SAAS Business office along with instructions on how to pay.

Lunch at SAAS FAQ