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Food Service

In partnership with SAGE Dining, Seattle Academy provides delicious and balanced food service for interested students, faculty, and staff. Full hot lunch service, as well as grab-n-go items are available to all students for purchase in both the Middle and Upper Middle School. 

Middle School

Our lunch service is made available to all Middle School students for purchase. In the Middle School, 8th grade students can earn sign-out privileges throughout the year, which allows them the option of getting lunch off campus at a select few restaurants. 

Upper School

While the Upper School is an open campus, SAAS does make available daily lunch service for purchase to all students who wish to eat on campus. Grab-n-go food service is also available during break and after school.

Lunch at SAAS FAQ

How do students pay for their food? Can I pay with Cash?

  • Cash is not accepted for payment.
  • Students pay for food through an electronic debit account.  Families may put funds on the account through My Backpack on the same page as tuition payments are made.  Reports of items purchased may be searched in My Backpack, as well.

What if I have a question about billing for a student food service account?

Please send your billing question to

What if I don’t use all of my funds by the end of the year?

Funds not used by the end of the year will automatically roll over to the next school year.  If graduating or withdrawing, funds can either be rolled to a sibling’s account or refunded via check.  The school will automatically sweep through graduating and withdrawn accounts in July of each year. 

What if my student is on financial aid?

Students receiving financial aid grants in excess of 70% of tuition will automatically receive financial assistance for food purchases.  Families with students receiving below 70% of tuition as financial assistance may request additional assistance through Community Chest.

How do I add funds to my child’s Food Service Account?

Please review the payment instructions in this PDF:

What if my student has allergies or dietary restrictions?

  • Students and families can view food content and potential allergens on our daily lunch menu.
  • If a student has severe allergies, this information should also be on the student’s medical forms and shared with the student’s advisor and division level administration.

What does the Upper School’s Open Campus mean?

An open campus means that Upper School students have the option to leave campus during breaks and lunch. For many students, this means grabbing coffee, taking a short walk at break, or grabbing lunch from a neighboring restaurant.