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Outdoor and Travel at SAAS FAQ

Who Leads SAAS trips?

SAAS trips are lead by our own faculty and staff. We believe this both enhances and leverages our ability to Know the Kid, and that the entire school community is enriched by the bonds of respect and trust that are developed between leaders and students, outside a classroom setting.

Are SAAS Leaders Certified in First Aid?

All our staff members will have a minimum certification of First Aid and CPR, and many of our programs will include staff members with higher certifications, such as Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid.

Financial Aid

Separate financial aid is made available to all Seattle Academy families for our outdoor and travel trips. One of the goals of the program is to provide all students who desire to participate, at least one school trip in both their middle and upper school careers, regardless of the financial circumstance. Information about how to access trip financial aid will be provided in accordance with our Fall communication of the year’s outdoor/travel offerings. 

Trip Announcements & Sign-Ups

Each fall, all families will be notified of the potential outdoor/travel trips for the current school year and summer.  The Outdoor and Travel Program will also be updated with trip offerings information online.  Each trip will hold a “Trip Night” in the fall to provide additional information and allow families the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. After the sign-up process, families will be notified about their attendance or waitlist status. 


If more students sign-up for a trip than spots available, a waitlist will be created. Families will receive notification via email when a spot has opened and their student has been selected. Waitlist students will be selected at random.