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Service Learning at SAAS FAQ

What is considered community service?

We define Community Service as:

  • Action in support of either our local or global community to benefit the greater good of said community.
  • Direct hands-on service (serving food at a food bank) or service with organizations that provide direct services to individuals, groups and/or causes (helping a shelter with a mailing or their organization fund raising event), IS recognized as service that counts toward our graduation requirement. We recognize this as work the organization needs done to deliver direct services that will benefit the larger community in need.
  • Service addressing an unmet need. Is an underserved disadvantaged population the beneficiary of the service? Or, is delivery of the service dependent on volunteer support?
  • Service that benefits a closed group of people does NOT count toward the graduation requirement because it is not inclusive and open to all, nor does it serve a specific disadvantaged population.

How many hours are required for graduation?

The graduation requirement for Seattle Academy upper school students is 160 hours of community service.

Is there a service requirement for Middle School?

No, our focus in the Middle School is on contextualizing service, helping students identify their service passion, and understanding why service is an important school value.   

How do students report and track service hours?

Students are required to enter all service hours onto the school’s online tracking system, X2Vol. Students must complete each entry including listing the name, phone, and email address of an organization contact that can verify the hours, and answer the description and reflection questions fully in detail. 

Can students earn service credit at school?

Yes, there are a number of school activities that qualify, including, but not limited to, service as a class teacher assistant (TA), helping with school events like Open House and SAAS in the City (SITC), and as a student facilitator.

What do I do if I have questions?

Contact Rick Dupree

Rick DuPree

Locations: Upper School, All School
Phone Numbers:
School: 206-676-6893

Contact Liz Hudson

Liz Hudson

Locations: Upper School
Phone Numbers:
School: 206-676-6897