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Student Support

To Know the Kid is inherently holistic - meaning we must know them both inside and outside of the classroom, and most importantly know who they are now and who they hope to, and can be, in the future. This doesn’t happen in one classroom, or seeing a student on one team, or by serving a student at lunch one day - this happens over time by seeing a student from a variety of different lenses and in a variety of settings. We believe it is all of our jobs to work to get to know students holistically. We do this by empowering students to try new things within an inclusive community and by providing multiple layers of support in the process.

Our advisory program, coordinating team, counseling program, and learning support department are some ways that we provide support to students and families.


Student talents, whether talents born, discovered, or made, are often accelerated by a partnership of committed adults helping shepherd them – through encouragement, persuasion, or strong recommendation – to explore the possibilities within their journey at SAAS.