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Advisory Program

Advisory is an opportunity for students to meet with a faculty advisor and a small group of peers. This weekly meeting helps students feel connected to a small group (10-12 same-grade students) of peers within the larger school community and provides a safe space for students to reflect and share. Each faculty advisor works to build a unique advisory culture so that their group feels a sense of belonging to something special.

For students, faculty advisors:

  • Act as a student advocate
  • Help students navigate their own experiences
  • Provide academic guidance for course selection
  • Ensure students are on track for fulfilling graduation requirements
  • Foster student social-emotional growth
  • Offer organization strategies and support
  • Strategize solutions for students to resolve differences with teachers and peers
  • Connect students with the resources they need to be successful

For families, faculty advisors:

  • Serve as the first line of communication; answer questions
  • Connect families with resources within the school
  • Coordinate academic and support plans
  • Provide insight into your student’s day to day experience at school including understanding each student’s overall academic and social-emotional well-being
Photo of the  Seattle Academy Advisory Program

Advisory at SAAS

Advisors work closely with grade-level teachers, coordinators, counseling, and administration, to be a clear conduit of information and support between school and home. Advisory activities and meeting structure evolves at each grade-level in alignment with students’ age and developmental stage. However, the core mission of advisory remains consistent from Middle School to Upper School.