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Our team of coordinators is an additional layer of support that works to holistically support and know students at each grade level as they navigate through their arc of time at Seattle Academy. Our coordinating team is an integral component of our guiding principle to Know the Kid.

Each grade level, 6-12, has grade-specific coordinators who are able to build relationships with students, support student advisors, serve as a liaison and student advocate, and provide an additional point of contact for students and families.  Coordinators also plan and facilitate grade level events and activities.

Photo of a Seattle Academy student and coordinator collaborating around a computer

Our Coordinating Team

Coordinators play a significant role in the lives of our students. From helping a new 6th-grader open their locker to supporting students as they navigate the complexity that is high school, our coordinating team helps students and families feel seen and known during their SAAS experience.