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Seattle Academy’s Counseling Department plays an active role in preparing students for college and life. We recognize that as our students grow and mature from 6-12 grade, they will need guidance and support, especially when it comes to navigating through academic, personal, and social pressures. 

The Counseling program ultimately supports the school’s goal of increasing a student’s social and emotional learning inside and outside the classroom by:

  • Offering a safe space for short-term confidential social and emotional support
  • Supporting students during times of transition and adjustment
  • Providing psycho-social education for students and families as they navigate through typical developmental stages in adolescence
  • Assisting students to develop problem-solving skills and learning how to be a self-advocate
  • Providing general support resources as well as specific referrals to community resources for therapeutic or medical services when necessary
  • Coaching students as they figure out how to navigate through a variety of complex social situations
  • Intervening during a student crisis, assessing the identified student’s situation, and making necessary recommendations and referrals
  • Case managing continuity of care for students engaged in therapy or treatment elsewhere
  • Partnering with the Learning Support Department to support individual students and their specific needs/learning profile
  • Consulting with faculty, staff, and administration on student support interventions
  • Providing educational programming to various divisions and departments of the Seattle Academy community
  • Partner with faculty to teach guidance lessons on various topics in designated class times throughout the school year
  • Continue to partner with Forefront Suicide Prevention which is a Center of Excellence at the University of Washington which is focused on reducing suicide. Seattle Academy is committed to providing annual training for the entire SAAS community around this important topic
  • Partnering with the Parent Education Committee to support a speaker series that addresses adolescent mental health needs and concerns 

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Middle School, Upper School

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Upper School, All School
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