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How do I get Accommodations?

We proactively work to provide an inclusive learning environment as well as reasonable accommodations for our diverse student population. Unlike a public school we do not offer Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) or 504 plans, but we do have a Formal Accommodation plan for eligible students that includes reasonable accommodations or auxiliary aids or services necessary to provide equal access to Seattle Academy’s college-preparatory curriculum. Formal Accommodation plans are developed through an interactive and individualized accommodations process.  

If your student has previously received an IEP, 504, or neuropsychological evaluation, please complete the following Accommodations Request Form to begin the interactive process. 

We also help eligible students apply for standardized test accommodations for College Board (PSAT, SAT, AP & Subject Tests) as well as the ACT exams. Please note that our criteria does not match the College Board and ACT criteria. Please visit Standardized Testing Accommodations for more information. 


  • Provide equal access to the classroom, learning materials, and tests for students with disabilities. 
  • Help to “level the playing field” for students with disabilities.
  • Do not guarantee success.
  • Are not an unfair advantage.
  • Must be reasonable and not a fundamental alteration to the essential requirements of the class.

Decisions regarding appropriate accommodations are made in partnership and based on a combination of past documentation, teacher observations, recommendations from a formal evaluation, or medical documentation.

Please note: Our criteria do not match exactly the College Board and ACT criteria. The latter have very strict criteria, review procedures, and deadlines for applying for accommodations. Having a formal accommodations plan in place for all the years your student uses accommodations at school fulfills one of the important requirements.

If your student has previously received an IEP, had a 504 plan, or has had a neuropsychological evaluation at any point please send Jaymie Lewis, Accommodations Manager, a copy and complete the following form.  

Evaluation Submission Form

Please visit Standardized Testing Accommodations for more information.