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Standardized Testing Accommodations

We help eligible students apply for standardized test accommodations for the College Board (PSAT, SAT, AP & Subject Tests) as well as the ACT exams. The first step in determining if your student is eligible for standardized test accommodations is setting up a meeting with Accommodations Manager, Jaymie Lewis.
Approval for standardized test accommodations is not automatic and it often takes time. Both the College Board (which offers the PSAT, SAT, AP, and Subject Tests) and the ACT have strict requirements that need to be met in order for a student to quality for accommodations. Documentation is needed to support the request, as is a history that shows use of accommodations. 

To ensure we have enough time to process and review documentation and build a strong case for the accommodation request, we require all necessary documentation be in at least eight weeks in advance of a planned ACT or College Board test. This timeline allows us to have enough time to meet the testing agencies requirements and appeal a decision (if needed). Feel free to send in hard copies of the report into the school or electronic copies can be uploaded via our secure electronic portal. College Board and ACT both have their own decision making process and what is approved for one test does not guarantee approval for another. Even if a student has documentation and is approved accommodations at Seattle Academy, it does not guarantee approval of accommodations on standardized tests. Below is more detailed information on each test and the accommodations request steps.

Jaymie Lewis