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Seattle Academy Options Program

The Options Program at Seattle Academy provides a personalized pathway to graduation for students in grades 9-12 that allows for increased schedule flexibility and individualized planning. The Options Program is designed to serve students who need individualized curriculum, instruction, and pacing in a small group setting where independent work is completed within the school day. We provide small group, self-paced and individualized curricular courses in the core academic subject for Humanities and STEM, as well as blended learning and independent study learning experiences.

The Options Program offers a different way for students to develop core learning competencies that build upon strengths and interests while continuing to provide access to the breadth of SAAS programs. Options Program students have access to the broad array of athletic, arts, trips and travel programs and courses at Seattle Academy including college advising. Students are partners in the development of an individualized plan for academics, social engagement and participation in a wide range of activities. Students participate in the development of their path toward graduation and life beyond Upper School.

The Options Program is here to provide an alternate path for students who:

  • May be highly capable but have become increasingly disengaged with school due to a need for a program that allows them to engage more actively in areas of aptitude and interest.
  • May be overwhelmed by the stress associated with trying to progress in an academic structure that does not serve their specific learning needs.
  • May need a highly individualized path and program due to a health-related concern.

The Options Program serves a wide spectrum of students but is not intended to be a specialized learning or therapeutic school program. 

If you would like more information about this program, please contact Jonathon Friedman, Options Program Department Chair. 

Options Program FAQ