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Required Summer Reading

Over the summer, Seattle Academy students read specific course-assigned books. Teachers will integrate summer reading into the course work during the first weeks of class and likely throughout the term. For each grade-level, teachers have provided a link to a reading guide to accompany the reading assignment, which will provide any needed instructions. As students will use these texts at the beginning of the year, they should purchase a new or used copy to bring with them for the first days of classes. 

For general questions, please contact Alison Ray, Dean of Humanities Faculty:

Additionally, we want to make sure that all students have access to summer reading texts. If you need financial support to purchase the summer reading texts for English or History, please email Alison Ray at the email address above and include the following information:

(1) Your name.

(2) Your grade level during the 2020-2021 school year and the course you are enrolled in (for example: English 8 or English 12: Contemporary Fiction).

(3) The address where your texts should be mailed.

Students are always highly encouraged to read more than is required, and the English department has provided a number of book recommendations for curious readers, alongside academic enrichment opportunities from various departments, listed below.

Summer Enrichment

Click the links below to view and print Summer Enrichment Opportunities for both Middle and Upper School.